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Edible Fragrances

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

No, we aren’t talking about perfumes or beauty products that you can eat. Ditch those cosmetics and fragrances and pick foods that help you smell better instead! Yamini Walia tells you more

The University of California recently conducted a study, which found that all of us have our own signature scent (often body odour), one that is  determined by genetics, health, and personal hygiene. However, our diets play an important role as well. So, if you see people looking away from you at work, or find fellow passengers trying to avoid you in the bus, you may want to reconsider the food you’re eating through the day. You can turn this around easily. Read on to find out what to eat instead.

Citrus fruits
Isn’t this the most obvious choice? Peel a ripe orange and you’ll be greeted by an instant burst of freshness. Citrus fruits such as oranges make you smell great. They’re also packed with several health benefits, and are easily absorbed by your body, which gives off a very pleasant scent. Also, consume pineapples, oranges, strawberries, and apples on a regular basis. A glass of apple juice a day can help keep body odour away too!

Cardamom is a popular ingredient in store-bought mouth fresheners, so it’s no surprise that it makes you smell good. Simply split open a pod and pop the seeds in your mouth. It will keep your mouth feeling fresh for a considerable amount of time. Cardamom is also a powerful healing spice that helps to boost immunity. Additionally, cardamom permeates through the body quickly, leaving behind a lasting fragrance.

Fenugreek seeds
Soak fenugreek seeds in clean water overnight and then munch on them in the morning. At first, they may taste slightly bitter, but as you continue to chew, the flavour will sweeten and freshen your mouth. They are also an excellent way to strengthen bone health. However, cooked fenugreek or methi dishes actually has the opposite effect and can leave you with an offensive, lingering body odour, so beware!

Jasmine tea
Contrary to regular tea or coffee, people who drink jasmine tea smell great! If you drink herbal tea on a regular basis, your digestive system works better, as toxins are eliminated from your body, helping you to smell better.

As if other benefits of milk weren’t enough already, here’s another feather in its cap. You can tone down the strong odour of garlic by adding milk to your meal! Whether it is whole or low-fat, it improves the way you smell.

Water lubricates your mouth, keeps bacteria at bay, and keeps your body functioning normally. Bottled drinks, sodas and iced teas are preserved with citric acid, which contributes to bad breath, and wears away the enamel on your teeth. However, add some lemon to your water and it will flush the toxins from your body, making you smell fresh.

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