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Diet Dilemmas

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sticking to your diet can get tricky with all the tempting food around. Trisha Ghoroi & Pranika Sharma bring you realistic tips to help you stay the course

The smell of freshly baked cakes, hot vada pav and juicy chicken kebab leaves us salivating. But, even a small indulgence can increase your total calorie intake and affect your diet. And, we’re sure that there are times when you will feel like discarding your diet and giving in to the temptation; your willpower will be tested and all your hard work will be put on line. But, don’t let that happen! We tell you about some sticky situations you’re likely to face and the best way to tackle them.

Situation #1: Chaat calling

You have had a long day at work and you are heading home, starving. On the way, you spot a street fare shop, selling your favourite street food. You really, really want to have a plate of pani puri. It calls to you...

  • What you should do: A vada pav or a pani puri will definitely throw your diet off-kilter. So, opt for healthier versions of street fare, such as an anda bhurji without the pav, a plate of fruits or bhel puri. One way to avoid temptation is not to carry cash with you. If you can’t pay, you won’t be able to indulge in street food.

Situation #2: The office binge

You are at your annual office party surrounded by mounds of unhealthy food that is sure to ruin your dietary vows. Indulging is not an option, but your will is getting weak. And, not eating may seem rude to your colleagues.

  • What you should: do Make this a cheat meal. The sight of greasy treats has left your mouth watering and the need to stay healthy is a distant drum beating away in your mind. Not eating at an office party might make you look snobbish, so eat small portions. And, since this is your cheat meal, don’t give in to any other temptations for the rest of the week.

Situation #3: Ordering in

You’ve come home physically and mentally drained. You have no motivation to cook a meal for yourself, especially after your strenuous workout at the gym. Ordering food is an appealing option, but you might ruin the healthy streak that you’ve been on.

  • What you should do: We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Lazy nights when you don’t want to lift a finger. Order in! But, make a wise choice. Instead of picking junk foods such as burgers or pizza, choose a warm clear soup, a whole-wheat sandwich or a light salad.

Situation #4: Party week

Your weekly schedule looks full. You have been invited to three parties in the week and all of them will have scrumptious foods that will test your strength and loyalty towards your lifestyle choices.

  • What you should do: Attending parties during the week means cheat meals and your diet is dead! Well, not really. You can still attend parties while rocking your diet. Eat at home before you head out to the party. When you’re there, munch on small portions of healthy snacks just as a formality, so as not to insult your hosts.

Situation #5: Family pressure

You have been following your diet and things have been going well. But, your family has been nagging you about the fact that you may not be getting proper nutrition. They’ve also been telling you how it’s difficult for them to accommodate your newfound diet.

  • What you should do: Win over your family by preparing your own meals. This way you can pick and choose what you want to eat and you can make your meal interesting by cooking up variations and experimenting with the ingredients. Make your meals tempting so that your family is also encouraged to follow the diet. You never know... they might just love it.

Get the most out of your diet

  • Supplement your diet with regular exercise because neither can survive without the other.
  • Instead of following diet fads, customise the diet to fit your needs.
  • Most diets require you to skip some food or other, but make sure you are not skipping important nutrients. Take nutrition supplements if required.
  • Don’t cut out sugar completely. According to the World Health Organization, we need at least 25g of sugar per day.
  • Encourage a friend to go on the diet with you. That way you can motivate each other to stick to your goals.
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