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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Actor, Anchor, VJ and Radio Jockey Shardul Pandit tells  Monarose Sheila Pereira that it's not make-up but education that helps in fleshing out one's personality to the fullest Super Credentials

I did my MBA in Advertising and PR from International Institute of Professional Studies (IIPS) Indore, M.P. Since it is a part of the Devi Ahilya University, it enjoys the heritage and culture of the Holkar style, with huge open spaces, plush green gardens and one-storey buildings. The greenery makes you feel you are in the country side. It had a very serene ambiance and you could feel positivity everywhere. First Day Of College

It was actually funny, because before that I was already featuring on 'Radio Mirchi' as the morning host and two of my teachers came up to me for an autograph telling me they were my fans. It was quite embarrassing. Some students thought I might not be easy to talk to, but by lunch time we were all buddies, because I was just a kid who happened to be famous. With time, we were all pals and life was amazing. Motivating Professors

My professors were encouraging and motivated me to follow my dreams. Some professors were extra-sweet and some were extra-tough on me depending on their perception of me, as I was known in the entire city owing to my radio and part-time TV work. I wish they would keep that part out; though it did offer some advantages and some disadvantages too. I was allowed to sit for exams even though I could not finish my required attendance. Fun  Studies

Studies were fun for me. Studies have to be fun and contribute to one’s growth. However, I was already applying what we were taught in college on a daily basis in my job. For example, planning, writing, designing and marketing my shows too. Even today, I can quote concepts and talk about strategies for programmes. I am grateful that I had practical and theoretical knowledge at the same time. It made learning so much more interesting.Thrilling Times

I wish I could have lived more of it, since I started working right after school and at that time private radio had just launched. So the kind of fame I enjoyed was unparalleled. I was not treated as a normal student by the staff and students. Some were too nice as they wanted to be friends with the RJ and some were too aloof, as they thought I might not make them friends. It is only much later they realised I was a normal bloke. I generally travelled by my bike. But when I went by car for two to three days, I got that ‘He thinks he is a star look’ and so I shifted to the bike again. Giving lifts to pretty girls is an unmatched feeling of joy. The memories make me nostalgic even today. The college canteen was not very fancy, but it was our hangout. Also right outside our campus on the outskirts were the so-called dating hang outs where maximum students, including me were found. I had only two great friends. I was social, but used to take time in making close friends. Friends are a very important part of one’s growing up years and also life. I once took soap in my mouth made foam and fainted in front of a girl faking an epilepsy attack. You had to see her was like she had seen a ghost! Education: The Personality Shaper

Education plays an immensely role in shaping your personality. Many people and aspiring actors think that going to the gym or acting classes will do the trick. But when I am chatting up with the biggest celebs like SRK, Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor etc. I have to be sharp. Your looks do not get you far; it is how you talk and present yourself that matters. A personality is shaped with education not make-up. Education gives you lot of confidence and positive attitude to have the correct perspective and vision. If you can dream it, you can do it, is my favorite quote. College life gives you a sense of freedom and exploration. One must enjoy college life to the fullest. When you meet a variety of people you learn new perspectives. Education should be given priority always. The current generation must pursue education even if they want to make a career in the entertainment industry. I got an opportunity to interact with variety of celebrities’ courtesy my profession. From Hrithik Roshan to Amitabh Bacchan. Amitabh Bachchan is perfection personified. When I interacted with him I was on cloud 9. It was a wonderful experience. He was very humble and sweet and kept telling me, ‘treat me like a normal guy and don't give me big adjectives and call me Amitabh’. It was very tough for me to do so, because he is such a senior person. The programme was brilliant; the fans were thrilled and the number of viewers kept on increasing and crossed 3,24, 000 views in less than a day!

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