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Wish to get into Advertising. Please guide me

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I have just finished my engineering in electronics and communication. However, I have no interest in pursuing a career in the technical field further. I wish to delve into advertising or marketing. What should i do next?

Masters in Advertising requires prerequisites of training or experience and may not be the appropriate course for you. A programme in Marketing and Management at universities which accept students from any discipline will help you to make the shift to the marketing arena. A one-year Masters in Marketing for students from diverse fields is offered at Universities of Aston, Southampton, Roehampton, Middlesex, in UK. After a few years of work experience you may then proceed for MBA in Marketing in any country including India, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, etc.

I am in the 12th standard and am very keen on going abroad and studying Advertising. Can you tell me some of the best institutes and courses I should apply for? Should I study BMM in India and then apply abroad for a course in Advertising?

There is no specialised bachelor’s course in Advertising that you could pursue in India. Back here in India, you would first need to complete your Bachelor’s in Mass Media course, with a specialisation in Advertising in the final year. Alternatively, you could straight away apply for a bachelors’ course in advertising abroad.
There are some very good universities in the US and UK, which offer Advertising courses. In the UK, some good universities for this would include Leeds Metropolitan University and London College of communications. For this, one major entry requirement would be a good IELTS/TOEFL score.

In the US - Miami Ad School, Michigan State University and Boston University are some of the recommended universities for this course. For this you would need to study for and give your SAT (for bachelors programmes), and TOEFL/IELTS. However, to do a Master’s course in the US, you need to have at least 16 years of education, a GRE score and a TOEFL/IELTS score.

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Queensland University of Technology are two of the better universities in Australia for this course. Here your only requirement would be good scores in IELTS/TOEFL.

I love paint balling and would love to start a paint balling company in India. Can you tell me where I can learn paint balling professionally abroad so that I can start my own company here?

It is not that hard to become a professional paintball player. Visit the National Professional Paintball League, and register for their services. This source provides you with event notices and league information, as well as access to their sponsor lists, and sponsor discounts. Play often with different teams and on different fields. Exposure to different styles of play makes you a better player. If you're a speedball player, play at a woodsball site and vice versa. Learn the different rules that each field and team follows.

In terms of starting your own business here, the game of paintball has moved from the realm of niche action sports to a mainstream hobby for thousands of people. The lure of running a paintball business in your community may come from a misconception that this type of business is easy to run or offers a quick profit. You must keep in mind that the typical paintball business has to pay for equipment, building rent, insurance and dozens of other expenses before seeing any revenues.

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