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What lies beyond the classroom

Wednesday, November 08, 2017
By Dr Lakshmi Mohan

The curriculum in Management schools must inculcate job skills and competencies in students as organisations are eyeing for candidates with exceptional skills and the competition is immense. Case study analysis and live projects with industry is a great way to enhance strategic problem-solving skills. Students at ITM Business School hail from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and the new environment, the educational rigour they experience teaches them to combat any stressful situation. It is said that a caterpillar must experience the journey out of the cocoon on its own to become a beautiful butterfly and this holds true for management students who have to feel the grind during their Management education to be corporate ready. Learning at the B School should be beyond the classroom and even the syllabus, it has to be life & career skills.

Create industry connect
Corporates pick up management students after a through selection process that tests every skill and capabilities. Even the emotional intelligence of the students is tested through psychometric tests, so one can imagine the kind of preparation the students ought to gear up to. There is no escape from fudging ones’ emotional state, the truth alone speaks. Management students have to realise that the selections by corporates is out of hundreds and thousands of students from varied colleges spread across India. The wide choice that companies enjoy in selecting the right candidate is what prompts B Schools to innovate and create the best learning for their students. ITM came out of its conventional two months internship realising that corporates want the students to have prior understanding of the corporate culture, be more savvy at work, have real on the job training and have a broad understanding of business before they enter into the corporate world.

Be part of Events and Extra-curricular Activities
The various extra-curricular activities in colleges provides ample opportunities for students to improve their team skills ,  planning, organising , problem solving and leadership skills. Students must never shy away from challenges that give them a chance to face huge crowds and competitions that make them stronger whether they win or lose.

Clubs , Committees and Alumni interactions to enhance interpersonal skills
Becoming members of various clubs like the Book club, Debate club, Music Club, Sports Club etc makes them pursue their hobby and at the same time a chance to develop interpersonal skills. Alumni interactions is a great way to develop networking skills and alumni can be great mentors for the students.

Be aware of Daily News
Reading the newspaper is very important for every management student. Nowadays there are news apps available which can give updates of the industry and the ever-changing world. The students’ current news awareness talks volumes about the students’ curiosity for learning, their general knowledge and connect with the environment.

Develop Skills through Group discussions and Thought Enhancing Activities
Testing skills through Group discussion and making it an elimination round has become common with most corporates. GDs bring out communication skills, analytical skills, knowledge, team skills and presentation skills, all at one go! Basically, students must know to make a mark even in a crowd of disjointed opinions. Well prepared students who have participated in several group discussions will have an edge over the others.

Aptitude and attitude are criteria that corporates want the youngsters to possess. Mathematical proficiency, logical reasoning and verbal ability, though have been entry points for management programs , students have to constantly upgrade to the expectation of corporates through regular practice.

Conclusion- Conscious Preparation
A plethora of activities other than class room learning is essential for varied skills that companies are seeking in the ideal candidate. There is wealth of information that students gain in the two years of Management Education, but to get the best out of the exposure, students have to be alert and conscious about picking up every practical skill which is hidden in the extra curricular activities, that is what we call holistic learning!

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