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Want to apply to Oxford and Cambridge. Please guide

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Alisha Mashruwala

I have been studying in a CBSE board school. I want to apply to Oxford and Cambridge. How do I go about this?

Unfortunately you cannot apply to both Oxford and Cambridge in the UK as a rule. When you are looking at the universities it is important to pick one of the two. Both institutions accept the CBSE board (for most majors) so based on what you are interested in studying you can pick one accordingly.

Depending on what you choose to major in, you might be required to take some tests and submit a writing sample over and above the Statement of Purpose. The internal tests are held at specific dates and times by the university, hence it is advised to make your decision on your university choice at the earliest in order to fulfill all the requirements.

Applying to either of these universities will count as one of the 5 on your UCAS. The deadline for the application to either Oxford or Cambridge is 15th October.

I have just finished my BCom and am considering doing a Masters/MBA abroad? What are my options?    

Before taking any decisions regarding what you should study after your BCom, first take some time to understand what you really enjoy doing and would like to do, specifically from a career standpoint. Try and get some work experience in the field that interests you the most and then take it from there. Once you have decided what you would like to study, figure out which country you would like to target. After that, you need to set a clear timeline for yourself so that you can get all the requirements done in time. You will need to take standardised tests, get your mark sheets in order as well as identify old professors or co-workers to write recommendation letters for you. An important point to keep in mind when selecting colleges to apply to is that with an Indian BCom degree you have a total of 15 years of education and some universities, especially those in the U.S. require a minimum of 16 years of education.

I am a national level swimmer and have many gold medals and certificates. I am interested in swimming for a varsity team. How is the application process different for me?    

Congratulations for all your swimming achievements!

In order to apply to a university in the US as a recruit you will need to first contact the swim team coaches at each of the colleges you are interested in applying to. Depending on the vacancies on their team the coaches will either show a strong interest in recruiting you or not. Depending on the response that you get from your coaches you can make your college list.You will then have to apply as a regular applicant to these colleges. The coach will have a meeting with the admissions counselors telling them which students should be considered for the team. This will increase/reduce your chances of getting in accordingly.

Keep up the swimming and your school grades, Radha!

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