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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

“There is a great demand for good wedding photographers,” says Wedding Photographer Sameer Parte

I have just completed my TYBMM (Journalism). While I was studying I took up photography. It helped me pay for my fees and stay in Mumbai.

Photography is an art. It is my passion and my hobby. I am interested in making photography my career. I chose photography as career because it is a medium, which helps people to capture the best memories of their lives like happiness, sadness, anger etc. Photography helps people to capture special moments; the time they spend with their loved ones. Wedding photographers make people happy. I like to capture the emotions of people in my photographs. A picture speaks more than a 1000 words.

The BMM field gave me information about various aspects of the media like journalism, PR, advertising, photography, films etc. I learnt about the various types of photography. It also helped me discern which picture is suitable for which situation or news item. I learnt about the various aspects of the camera, like the different types of cameras, angles, lenses, how to use it, and this knowledge is helpful for my career as photographer.

Knowledge is an ongoing process. You never stop learning. I started practicing on my mobile because I did not have a camera. Then I assisted a friend who is a wedding photographer to understand about this profession and thus got plenty of experience about cameras, various types of shots and angles. After that I worked for a film production house as a still photographer.  I also met up with a lot of other professional photographers and learned from them. I am grateful to all of them. Thanks to their training I now work as a freelance photographer for weddings, events, and do various types of still photography. Last December I did photography for the production team of the Marathi movie Bai Go Bai.

The only investment one has to make is in a good camera and the accompanying equipment like lenses which can run into lakhs. As a fresher a wedding photographer can start charging approximately Rs. 1000 per day and it goes up to even Rs.50,000 a day for established professionals.

Today, wedding photography has grown into a big business and is a very specialized field. A wedding photographer has a lot of responsibility. You have just one day to take your pictures. You cannot have a repeat session. Therefore you must be very good at your job. You have to check your equipment and see that everything is in order. It is best to take more than one camera for the occasion. If one camera gives you trouble, you have the other one to bank on.

Regular photographs will not do for high end clients. You have to give them special angles and gimmicks.

Therefore, it is of outmost important to be aware of the latest trends in the market and what your client prefers. Most photographs are posed ones but candid shots are also appreciated these days.

You have to be extremely well versed about the ceremony so as to get the right shot especially during the ceremony as you have to click some crucial moments like the actual wedding ritual, when the couple is exchanging rings, wearing the mangalsutra or garland, seeking blessings from the parents and elders, etc. These are action photographs and you have to be extremely knowledgeable and alert to click at the right moment. Since the wedding photographer takes photographs of various communities it is important to speak to the couple and an authority from the family to find out and research about the ceremony in advance. The wedding photographer and clients must discus the detail of the wedding and what types of photographs the clients prefer. The photographer must get a feel of the client’s tastes and preferences. It is also a good idea to check out the venue in advance to plan the
photography session.

Wedding photography is not just about pointing the camera and clicking a button. Today, there are various photography courses available where you can learn the art and polish your skills, posing techniques and post production processes. You may also have to arrange the photographs and design the wedding album. The demand and remuneration of a wedding photographer depends on the amount of knowledge and skill he has, his talent and fame in the field. Today, there is a great demand for good wedding photographers and you can rake in the mullah.

As told to Monarose Sheila Pereira

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