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The Rise and Shine of Digital Media Management

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

By Pankaj Rahul Singh, Director & Chief Operating Officer at TSD Corp.

Digital Media is the most effective space for anyone, from Brands, corporates to individuals, who need to be seen or heard. Digital Media Management talks about the voice of the brand or the individual; what they want their audience to know about them and how they manage various Digital media platforms to meet that objective. In Digital Media Management, a set of professionals come together to first decide what the Voice of the entity is, and how that is being communicated in such a way that it reaches the maximum number of people.

In addition to that, the medium of communication you adopt matters - texts,  images or videos. Digital Media Management is about having an understanding about what works for that particular entity and how we could leverage it to reach the right target audience.

For instance, the communication of a Restaurant Chain via a new Mobile Brand would be entirely different. It is the job of the Digital Experts to understand the voice of the respective clients and target the right audience with the right message.

The rise & shine of Digital ecosystem:
What we need to understand here is that Digital Is the Future. In the current scenario, digital media has completely changed the lives of those touched by it. When it comes to a country like India, we can say that only for the top 20 cities that have been thoroughly exposed to the internet. Again, talking globally, Digital Media has become a part of our life. It has helped save time, more importantly; it keeps the entire world connected regardless of their time zones.  With the Rise and Shine of Digital Ecosystem, a massive opportunity would be there in front of the companies, as it would exponentially increase their reach. The biggest advantage to the people shall be the connectedness and the time they can save. Digital media and technology M&A activity increased from 2015 to 2016 by 24% to enhance brand visibility.

Necessary skills required to be a proficient digital expert:
Primarily for anyone who aspires to be in this field needs to go out on their own. There is a lot to explore about how the entire social media works. That involves a good observation in addition to their own research over audience behaviours and trends. For any person wanting to be a digital expert, it is elemental that they stay away from being complacent. Digital Media is very dynamic; it evolves so swiftly that one can miss on the trends in the blink of an eye. Another challenge is the attention span of the audience. If you do not give them something brilliant and catchy, they would move away from your post/page. The idea is to have a deep understanding of the audience behaviour and the changing trends. One should also be updated with the latest events as they immensely contribute in the thought wavelength of an audience at large.  A Digital Expert needs to know that. What would work and how to keep the audience excited and wanting for more. Another important attribute of a digital expert is that he knows how to communicate with the company’s target audience in such a way that they are led into thinking that that service/product was what they had been looking for! The Art of Communication is the key. The skill of packaging and presentation of content is invaluable. Now, when we talk about the technical side of it, it is also important for the Digital Expert to take the brief from the client and then convey it to their team. They must strategize the communication and know who to delegate responsibilities to and get the work done.

Course details:
As such, there are courses all over the internet that impart formal training to any individual. These days, Digital India has been so deeply embedded in our system that we would see ads appearing on Television, radio and all other mediums of communication. However, the beauty of Digital Media Management is that does not depend on the courses one has completed or the number of degrees one holds. Digital Media Management is something that one acquires from their experience. That experience comes from a substantial amount of time spent on the social media in order to understand how it actually works; what is your audience and what kind of voice do you as an individual or a brand intend to hold. This is absolute talent and no course can teach you, but only the time you have spent on your own studying the various platforms. Digital Media is a very intelligent blend of art and science. Courses can help polish and keep you updated; but for that, you first need to acquire knowledge on your own.

Job opportunities & Remuneration:
The career prospects for anyone who wishes to grow and is excited by the pace of the field are huge. Digital Media is an ever-evolving field and not anyone who does not wish to evolve with the changing trends can survive in this field. Where salary is concerned, once again, this field does not depend on the courses one has pursued. So, even a 19-20 year old with a year of experience on social media can easily draw a salary of 10-15k per month. But then again, this is subjective to the knowledge they acquired about the social media. For a fresher to be an expert, say in 4-5 years of more experience, he can easily draw about Rs. 50,000 a  month.

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