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The many benefits of an Internship

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Monarose Sheila Pereira talks to experts about the various areas internships can help you develop

Internships are a great learning experience. They help you to master the ropes. Therefore even if you find yourself doing simple jobs, make it a point to be observant and learn about the field. Make the best of the opportunity and absorb as much knowledge as you can. Ask questions as it is the key to learning while you are interning.  Keep yourself flexible as it can open many vistas to a brilliant career ahead.

Do not hesitate to volunteer to do other work besides what you are assigned to, while you are interning in an organization. This will put you in better light and the organization will know that you are interested in building a good career. Do a great job and complete more than what is assigned to you and what is required of you. This way you will create a good impression which will help you get a great reference letter and may even lead to a potential job offer. Make sure to ask for a letter of recommendation after you complete you internship. This letter will come handy when you start applying for jobs.

Rebecca Maryann, Course Coordinator, St. Paul’s Institute of Communications, explains that the term internship means a student or trainee works in an organization to gain experience. The right internship can open a vast number of opportunities. Interning at an early stage gives you a better perspective about the field you want to consider. Sometimes internships do not offer a stipend. Others will just offer to cover-up your basic travelling expenses.

People skills - Internships help you develop people-skills. Yashit V. Shukla says, “Working as a Marketing and Sales person, I interacted with different people from different backgrounds, different thinking processes, variable ideas, etc. Jobs like these where you get to meet so many different people, helps you to understand different perceptions. It develops your personality, communication skills, how to handle people and you develop a selfless attitude and approach. I had to travel to different places to meet various clients, which made me experience commuting by trains, cabs, buses, autos, etc. It is an interesting phase where you gain experience, acquire so many skills, and it boost your confidence. Above all, it makes you a better person.”

Experience - Internships are a great way to get experience in your field. According to Hrushikesh Nandkumar Patil, internship is a great way to gain experience. It shows you how real life in the workplace is. It showed me how real media works in terms of news, work pressure and co-ordination. The things that you learn through internships cannot be taught by any book in the world. It taught me the most important aspect of working in a media field that is 'How to deal with different sorts of people' and 'How to co-operate with people who can sometimes turn out to be annoying or someone you just don't like'. It gave me a lot of experience in the working of the media.

Exposure - Internships expose you to various aspects of the field. Prachi Rajesh Dubale says, “I was not a news freak but as I started my internship I learnt to keep in touch with the latest news, to sort out various issues that crop up when you are working and I have learnt to cope with all of them. I am now updated about the happenings throughout the world. I got a good podium to showcase my talent and learn new things every day. The most important thing I learnt was to analyze both the sides of an issue or person. I also learnt to be accurate, fair and never be judgmental.”

Information - Knowledge is power and internships help you to gain a great deal of information. Mahima Jhavar feels, her work keeps her connected with the happenings of the world. Working as an analyst gives her a wholesome knowledge on every topic. It makes her analyse every situation and helps her make an in-depth opinion about everything she come across. Working as an intern gives her the benefit of studying along with working. Internships prepare you in the best way possible for the job ahead.

Practical knowledge - Internships give you practical knowledge and experience. Kajal Gupta assisted in shoots, scripting and news. She says, “I had the opportunity to do reporting and cover a few stories for the news channel. This internship gave me the platform to utilize abilities developed through my education with the intent to grow and gain a great deal of experience. It helped me to gain an understanding of the media industry and how a news channel operates. Through this internship I was able to explore my interests and abilities and use them effectively.”

The bridge - Internships bridge the gap between theory and the real work place. Sonakshi Jain believes while books tie the basics together, internships give you the real practicality of the industry. From encouraging self confidence, honing the art of time management to teaching the real working of the industry, internships actually fit you in the right position. It exposes you to the real world, and helps you network in the professional world.

Internships are like building blocks; so make the best of you internship as it builds a strong foundation for your career.

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