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The 'Envy' of others

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
By Parth Khatau

Fashion blogger and influencer Neha Vora on why she did not sit for college placements and what it takes to be successful at what you love

After graduating with a Bachelor of Mass Media degree from Jaihind College, Neha Vora did not do the standard thing. "Doing a 9 to 5 job never appealed to me nor did working under anyone," she said. "Unlike all my friends & classmates who were already busy with job interviews, I couldn't get myself to apply anywhere. I had interned twice in the digital field and had loved it; I was lucky enough to find a work from home job post graduation and learnt all my knick-knacks about the digital world from that agency, it was called "journey" along with my passion i.e. blogging (which I have been pursuing and built my own fashion community/followers side by side," she added.

However, many have a misconception that a fashion blogger and influencer does not earn the most. This is a myth Neha wants to get out of the way. "I’ve been asked so many times (About scope for work). Essentially, if you’re a fashion blogger, you’re running your own online version of a fashion magazine," she said. Speaking of the innumerable roles she takes up, she added,"My role in this creative space spells that of a stylist, author, editor, part time photographer, filter applier, content curator, technology wizard, SEO geek, plugin encyclopedia, graphic designer, Instagrammer, facebook freak, tweeting bird, marketer, business developer, collaborator, researcher, networker, social media guru & growth hacker."

Speaking of money, Neha said, "There are two main revenue streams when it comes to blogging: affiliate commission on sales and sponsored posts, specially in India. First it starts off as a passion, and then with constant time and effort it becomes a business. Once you reach a threshold following i.e 10,000+ one can consider you as a person legit in the business of influencers. My current Insta fam boasts of 36,000+ following at the moment," she added.

The major chunk of money is advertising. "Advertising ties into sponsored posts is what I do a lot," said Neha. "Brands pay me a fee to feature a product in my blog post or Instagram or Facebook feed. This has been one of my sources of revenue and where this is the case, you will see “THIS POST IS IN COLLABORATION WITH…” or a particular hash-tag used for the followers to understand that it is a paid promotion or a collaboration," she added.
However, Neha feels one must never present brands they do-not believe in and at the end of the day provide an honest assessment of the product.

Even though she is living the dream today, Neha never had it on a silver platter. "As much as it sounds or looks interesting, one needs to let go off that personal line when it comes to family, friends and career," she said. "It starts out to be a sneak peek into your life and before you know it, you're going full throttle ahead speaking of every detail that matters to you. A 24x7 job, getting a weekend holiday seems far away at the moment. Your life is literally captured on daily basis and the more you grow the more your followers expect from you and the process is never ending. Also patience, you need a lot patience of course with hard work to attain success," she added.

One can follow Neha on her blog and her Instagram and Snapchat handles, nehakvora and neha.vora respectively.

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