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Teach For India Organizes Model United Nations Conference

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Teach For India Model UN Conference 2017-18 was held at the Government Law College, Churchgate, on November 25. "This year we have introduced two new things which we believe will not only give a boost of encouragement to the kids, but also new experiences and learnings," said Secretary General Nitya Mittal.

"First being, having six kids as a part of the Executive Board as Rapporteurs and second being, having six kids as a part of the International Press Committee. The International Press Corps are the silent observers who witness history and give the retelling for the world to read or to see through their lenses," she added.

Apart from giving the students an opportunity to witness delegates of their age in action and bring their experiences to print, the conference provided them with a unique exposure about how international conferences are being organized and carried out. The students were an essential cog in the machinery of the conference.

The excitement of the children was evident way before the Secretariat and the Organizing Committee even got a chance to enter the venue. Children had gathered in front the entrance of the Government Law College ahead of time, eagerly waiting for the registrations to begin. Registrations began at 8 am, as an overwhelming number of kids from ages 12 to 16 poured into the hall. This was followed by a breakfast of idli and sambhar, after which students were led to their respective committees.

As the Committees commenced, even the Executive Board and their moderators were left astonished by the amount of preparation that every child had very evidently put in. They not only exceeded everyone's expectations as delegates, but brought a sort of giddy exuberance to the otherwise dull backdrop of a college classroom. The committee proceedings were interrupted by a short lunch break where the kids were given goodie boxes containing sandwiches, juice boxes and the likes post which, they resumed the Committee proceedings, only to conclude the session with what has been described as 'exceptional paperwork' by a pleasantly surprised Executive Board comprising of MUN veterans- speaking volumes of the kids' dexterity and skills.

After wrapping up the committee sessions, the kids assembled again in the hall for the Closing Ceremony. The hall was filled with excited chatter and anticipation as the Closing Ceremony equaled to award distribution. The awards were presented and were met by cheers and hoots that drowned the voices of the mic bearing announcers. It was a delight to see the grinning (and the occasional tearful) winners receive claps on the back and standing ovations from their peers. The Ceremony was concluded by giving thank you speech to the Organising Committee by the Teach for India Patron Divya Shetty, and Secretary General of the Conference Nitya Mittal, who declared the conference officially closed.

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