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Surf through this career

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A surfboard for an office desk is what Surf Coach, Joshua Vessoakar (27), a Surfset Tier 1 trainer at Surfset fitness India, will offer you if you ever wish to hand-paddle your way into this new exciting fitness career. Watch out for this big wave that has hit the city

When Joshua Vessoakar, a kid’s fitness instructor, was first offered a job at Surfset, he had no terms and his only condition was that it had to be fitness-related. Little did he know that this new land-surf workout would create huge waves in the fitness world. Started by former US professional hockey player, Mike Hartwick and his partners Sarah Ponn and Bill Ninteau, SURFSET transformed a summer-time sport into an effective indoor workout regime that is surf-inspired and one that leaves you with a perfectly toned physique. All exercises are done on a specially designed surfboard, called RIPSURFER X, which bobs off air-filled discs that simulate waves. “It is unique, challenging and fun,” says Joshua, “and a 45-minute full body workout helps you burn around 500 to 900 calories depending on the intensity of the workout. It is more of a functional training workout with many balance related movements, which engage the core at all times.”

As a surf coach (Tier 1 trainer), Joshua teaches Surfset workouts that include squats, paddling, lunges, duck-diving and push-ups, everything a surfer would do, instinctively out in the ocean. Whoever said you couldn’t be a surf coach in India! “To become a surfset instructor one must have a fitness background and more importantly keep himself/herself fit,” explains Joshua, “Training will be given by  TIER 1 instructors, after which one can intern for a period of one month at a Surfset studio.”  The Surfset  Tier I Course is accredited by the American Council on Exercise for 0.8 CECs, that includes the educational portion, workout movements, and an evaluation session.  Once you have acquired the Instructors’ certification, you can teach a group through the signature group fitness program, provided by Surfset.

Surfset Fitness is a brand that first started in USA, and which is present in more than 160 centres in various cities across the world. However, in India, Surfset Fitness India is the first and the only franchise of the fitness brand and is currently located in Santacruz. “At the moment,” says Joshua, “there are just about enough instructors to run the current centre in India. As the popularity of the fitness workout increases, the need for instructors will also increase. Accordingly, other centres can be setup and trainers absorbed.” Being a niche brand, the prospects of a career as a Surfset instructor are currently slim but the scope immense. While we rarely hear of surfers in India, it is vital to know that our country does have a surf-worthy coastline and beaches along states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerela that make for good surfing spots. Besides being just another routine, Surfset could also become a surfer’s hangout when the surfing season ends because compared to most other workout forms; Surfset guarantees leaner limbs and washboard abs.

“Your workout is your work and moreover keeping people fit and healthy means it’s a good day’s work after all,” he says. On the down side, he also explains how the job can get taxing as too many classes could take a toll on one’s body if he/she has not had enough rest and nutrition. Another great side to this job is that one can plan their class from scheduling as per convenience and flexibility. It could even be looked at as a part-time job-cum-workout. The Surfset instructor would then also earn accordingly. It would depend on the agreement between the owner/s of the gym or the fitness centre holding the classes, the number of classes in a day/week/month that one would be ready to conduct.

“It is a career which raises a lot of eye brows,” explains Joshua, “with regards to long term security, but I believe someone has to do it, so why not me? Moreover, it is a unique and fun career that gives me the satisfaction of keeping all my clients fit and healthy.”

Come to think of it, it’s just you, your surfboard and a group of Surfset enthusiasts; no wet waves; a workout not dependant on the sun or ocean and no sharks to worry about!

Surfset Fitness India,
304 Business suites ‘9’,
S.V Road, Santacruz(W),
Mumbai-INDIA 400054.
Website: surfsetfitness.in/
Contact : 022 2649 8888

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