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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Alisha Mashruwala is a Partner at OnCourse and a Harvard graduate, and is also a Psychology major with a minor in Economics

I am interested in studying Economics in Canada

I am interested in studying  Economics in Canada. What are some universities that I can look at? What are some of the benefits of studying in Canada?
There is a wide range of Universities in Canada that offer a great Economics program. Some of the most popular universities in Canada are McGill University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia to name a few. Keep your school grades up and you could look at applying to one of these universities. Your school grades are what they will look closely at when considering your application.

The most obvious reason when considering Canada is that the tuition cost is about half of that of the U.S. Obtaining a visa is not as difficult as it is for the US and the UK. Make sure that you have all your documents in order before you go in for your visa interview. Canada is also very welcoming to international students. Consider getting a job and a work visa post your education as this is a viable option.

I have just finished my BCom and am considering doing a Masters/ MBA abroad? What are my options?
Before taking any decisions regarding what you should study after your BCom, first take some time to understand what you really enjoy doing and would like to do, specifically from a career standpoint. Try and get some work experience in the field that interests you the most and then take it from there. Once you have decided what you would like to study, figure out which country you would like to target. After that, you need to set a clear timeline for yourself so that you can get all the requirements done in time. You will need to take standardised tests, get your mark sheets in order as well as identify old professors or co-workers to write recommendation letters for you. An important point to keep in mind when selecting colleges to apply to is that with an Indian BCom degree you have a total of 15 years of education and some universities, especially those in the U.S. require a minimum of 16 years of education.

I am a national level swimmer and have many gold medals and certificates. I am interested in swimming for a varsity team - how will the application process be different for me?
Congratulations on all your swimming achievements!

In order to apply to university in the US as a recruit you will need to first contact the swim team coaches at each of the colleges you are interested in applying to. Depending on the vacancies on their team, the coaches will either show a strong interest in recruiting you or not. Depending on the response that you get from the coaches you can make your college list.

You will then have to apply as a regular applicant to these colleges. The coach will have a meeting with the admission counselors telling them which students should be considered for the team. This will increase/reduce your chances of getting in accordingly.

Keep up the swimming and your school grades, Radha!

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