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Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Pranav Gandhi

I am keen to be a casino director. What should I do?

I have always wanted to become a casino director in Las Vegas. Do you know any universities in USA that offer good courses in management (I assume it is what I have to study) and also workshops with Casino Directors or any other professional of this field?

You need to pursue a career in hospitality with a specialization in casino management.

Master's degree programs in the specific field of casino management are very rare. However, you can enroll in a hospitality or tourism management master's degree program, which will provide you with similar knowledge about customer service, human resources and marketing. Some of these programs allow you to specialise in casino management.

You will need to earn a bachelor's degree before applying to a master's program. If you possess a bachelor's degree in an area unrelated to business, hospitality or tourism, you might need to take prerequisite classes in accounting, statistics, organizational behavior and introductory hospitality management.

Location is another important consideration when choosing a casino management university. Many hospitality management degree programs are located in cities that draw a high number of tourists. For example, many of the major universities in Florida offer hospitality, food service, tourism and resort management programs.

Common casino management courses you might take in a master's program include:

  • Casino finances
  • Gaming issues
  • Project management
  • Ethical leadership
  • Casino customer service
  • Risk management for casinos
  • Marketing in the hospitality industry

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA – offers the same.
I would like to be a graduate in biology and at the same time wish to make the inventory of fauna and flora in a parallel program. Do you know any school in Canada that offers a complete graduation program in this field or which includes a one-year internship?

Kindly check with the following universities in Canada:
Vancouver Island university; Concordia university; Ryerson university.

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