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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pranav  Gandhi
Chief Operating Officer,YoungBuzz India Limited


I want to be an actor. Please can you tell me some of the best institutes abroad where I can develop my acting skills?

If you wish to become an actor, you should be trained by professionals in the field. There are ample universities abroad where you can learn the techniques of acting, for both film and theatre. Your learning will include: Scene Study, Acting for Film, Acting Technique, Voice and Movement, Monologues, Improvisation, Audition Technique and Stage Combat. In addition to the course work, students perform numerous projects, both on-camera and on stage. The course will combine the professional rigour and discipline of vocational actor training with a challenging study of theatre cultures of the world. Modules include: World Stages, The Body as Material, The Voice as Material, The Actor as Instrument, Actor, Image and Stage, Media Technology for the Screen, Introduction to Study and IT Skills, World Stages, Creating a Character, Creating a Performance, Study Abroad Semester, Study Abroad Essay, World Stages, Acting for the Camera, Development of Theatre Studio Performance and Major Performance Project.

If you are looking at the USA, then New York Film Academy is one of the many reputed schools which offer courses in acting. You will be joining an undergraduate course and will be required to give SAT and TOEFL.

In UK, London School of Film, Media & Performance, MET Film School are considered to be among the best places to start your training in acting. You would be required to give only IELTS for admission in the UK.

I am a person from a middle-class family aspiring to do MBA in US. I can manage about Rs. 15 lakh for my MBA, now how much do I score in GMAT and TOEFL in order to get into a good business school and what are my chances of getting a scholarship? Will I be get a good job if I apply for mid-range B-school in which the tution fee is less?

In order to realistically expect tuition fee waivers or graduate assistantships in an MBA degree program in any US university, you must have a consistent academic record in high school and in your Bachelor degree. Other than that you should try to score as well as possible in the GMAT and TOEFL iBT. In GMAT you should prepare for the test targeting a score of 700 and in TOEFL iBT you must try to score 100. With a budget of Rs. 15 lakh you will be able to study in a moderately priced university. However, please do not confuse yourself with the notion that if fees are less then the quality of the business school is also low. No way. Some very good business schools have very reasonable tuition fee structure. All these MBA programs are accredited by AACSB. Job opportunities are excellent in any case. Campus placement facilities are widely available. No worries.

I am a B.Tech in CSE working as software engineer in Infosys for the last 2 years. Please let me know if the course Management Engg. in Politecnico Di Milano, Italy is worth pursuing without scholarship grant by leaving the present job. My present salary is Rs. 3.5 lakh per annum. What are the job prospects after doing this course in Italy, US, Europe? Whether MBA from the same university or from a US university is preferable for job prospects. Kindly enlighten me on living expenses etc. in Italy.

Whether you will risk leaving your job and studying for the Masters is a decision that you will have to take considering the opportunity costs and the potential for professional growth after completion of the Masters degree. The program in management engineering at Politecnico di Milano is excellent. Job prospects in Italy is good for the person with the right skills. Job prospects in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark are quite good too. Living cost in Milan will be about Euro six hundred to eight hundred per month, if you live in a shared apartment with other students. This estimate includes rent, utilities, internet, food and local transportation. You can get a student discounted card valid for six months for unlimited travel by metro, tram and bus in Milan; so commuting is cheap. Milan is a good city to live but certainly not cheap. If you plan to study MBA, then I will recommend the business schools in the U.S.A. without any reservation. In Italy, I strongly recommend the MBA program at SDA Bocconi in Milan.


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