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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Alisha Mashruwala is a Partner at OnCourse and a Harvard graduate, and is also a Psychology major with a minor in Economics

What is the importance of an internship?

What is the importance of an internship? What will I gain from spending a semester working and not studying?

An internship is a great way to help you decide what you’d like to pursue in your career. It is key for you to understand how the industry works and to figure out if that’s what you really want to do in the long run. Most internships are unpaid, but remember that they offer numerous other benefits besides the money. They help you gain an insight into the company and industry, allow you to connect with others, inspire a career choice and teach you things such as time management, teamwork and work culture/etiquette. Internships test-drive career paths, so you should pursue them during high school and college. If after graduation you are still looking for a job or have moved countries and find it challenging to get one, interning is a great start and path to becoming employed.

I am keen to study Art History in the US. I have just finished my 12th exams. What are the options available after such a degree?   
The Art History programme is a liberal arts foundation for pursuing jobs in art-related fields, literature, journalism, teaching and law. A course in the field will focus on a range of historical periods, culture and media and will train students to use their experiences in languages, literature and philosophy to develop their visual and critical abilities. Students will learn about art from prehistoric and medieval period, renaissance and modern art, as well as art related to particular cultures. This will include surveying British art and architecture, Russian and French art, as well as Baroque and Italian renaissance art. Some universities also offer museum internships as part of the degree. Appreciation of aesthetics, attention to detail, flexibility and openness to new ideas are some of the key qualities one should have to pursue a career in this field. After an undergraduate degree, many pursue a masters or a PhD programme; others work as museum curators, corporate art consultants, art dealers or art advisors, art magazine editors or even an educational programme co-ordinator. The skills students develop through the study of Art History include visual analysis, historical research, critical reading, analytical and descriptive writing and oral communication. Georgetown University and University of Florida have strong undergraduate programs in this field. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill also offers a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Art History emphasis.

I am interested in applying to UAE for my undergraduate education. I want to study Economics. What are the main application requirements to apply to the top colleges?   
Admissions to top colleges in UAE such as NYU Abu Dhabi, AU Sharjah are highly competitive and attract the best international students. The minimum required average for accepting an application is the equivalent of 80 per cent or more in the final year of secondary education. NYU Abu Dhabi looks at the student's entire application, including grades, test scores (SAT, ACT, AP exams), extracurricular work, recommendations, personal statements, etc. School forms include a secondary school report, at least one teacher evaluation form and mid year report with updated transcripts showing first semester/term grades for your final semester. Students need to apply through the common application portal and complete the NYU writing supplement. Although regular decision deadline is January 1st, one can also apply for early decision by November 1st. It is important to complete the SATs or ACTs and the IELTS in advance.

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