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Skill-based education need of hour in hospitality industry

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

By Vasim Shaikh, Chief Marketing Officer, Co Director of CEDP Skill Institute, Mumbai

Today the highly competitive market, in which business functions, necessitates a skilful workforce in order to remain a successful player in the competitive game of the industry. One of the main problems which occur in the workplace is the dearth of training and development. It is not possible to get success in the hospitality business even if your hotel is positioned in a prime location close to popular attractions, has beautifully furnished rooms and high-tech facilities that travellers appreciate say for example Wi-Fi. The key component to success is maintaining an excellent level of guest experience and customer satisfaction.

Applying a widespread training and development program for all staff significantly increases the balances of the hotel providing customer service that constantly meets guests' expectations. The main function of businesses in the hospitality industry is to help people whether it's food, lodging or a mixture of these and other services. The importance of employee training and growth in hospitality can’t be exaggerated, because every job eventually aims for guest satisfaction. Workers in every surface of hospitality, from dishwashers to managers and owners somehow affect the guest experience. Without proper training, employee-guest meetings can go off track, disturbing your bottom line. Training can be costly, but the benefits can overshadow the costs involved.

Why staff training:
Current variations in the working environment has made the Human Resource Development’s role doubly crucial in helping businesses being competitive and get ready for any future problems that may arise. Due to the technological growth the workforce in every business needs training, and being more specific, it needs more enhanced skills in order to overcome any difficulties and barriers occurring. The demands of global competition also modifies the way organizations function and deliver quality management and customer service training in an effort to carry on with growing customer projections.

Training your employees is essential to providing a reliable level of guest satisfaction over time. Once you’ve built a status for outstanding service, you might select your top players to take part in advanced training that may be related with various types of promotions. Your investment in nurturing new supervisors and managers shows your confidence in the people who work for you. The hospitality industry, with its high turnover rates, can benefit a huge from training and development to their outstanding employees.

High Cost of Low Guest Satisfaction:
Guests who are disappointed with a hotel have a much more prevailing remedy than just complaining to the boss, they can anytime post a negative review of the hotel to one of many prominent travel websites. Plenty of negative comments about a hotel can harm the hotel's status to the point that prospective guests don't consider staying there. Hotel business mainly depends to some extent on repeat business. The advertising cost to bring a guest back is lower than the cost of attracting a new customer to the hotel. Since there are numerous a traveller can get in a city he doesn't have to put up in a hotel whose staff members don't make guest fulfilment the highest priority, he or she just books a room at a nearby hotel.

Employees with Limited Skills and Experience:
Providing on-going attention to training and development moves your business’s capability to stay competitive. Hospitality is fast paced and always evolving. The best way to beat your contestants may be through safeguarding your employees' knowledge in performing the day-to-day necessities, such as continuing extraordinarily high levels of housekeeping or making sure front desk employees are skilful with computers and other technical tools necessary in their jobs. Frequently revisiting customer service training, such as how to address visitors in mutually positive and negative circumstances, can safeguard your guests, enjoy their stay and move off with plans to return. A training and development package fills this gap and gets employees ready to cooperate with guests and work with each other in a harmonious, supportive way.

Launching a Lifelong Career
For individuals who love backing to people's travel experience, for them hospitality industry is a satisfying career. An employee who starts out as a busboy can rise in the ranks till he is a manager of the hotel's restaurant. This kind of progress can take place only if the owner of the hotel makes an exertion to offer career development opportunities. An employee keen for progression needs the chance to learn the systems and measures involved in running various hotel departments. A front desk employee who is learning accounting may want to cross-train with the accounting department in anticipations of being a hotel controller someday. The hotel owner who savvy enough to develop his employees' skills always finds his next group of bosses by now on staff in lower-level positions.

It’s vital to begin training your new recruits soon after hire, teaching them on your standard working processes and the particulars of their jobs. Doing so places them on the correct path from the start of their service and stops the growth of bad habits.

Conclusion and recommendation:
Job training for new hires should go further than the early orientation, which usually focuses on your business policies and employee benefits; reliable training can donate considerably to the progress of your organization. When you capitalise in new employees by providing learning chances, they may be motivated to do more than the minimum required of them. Adequate and appropriate training advances your ability to determine the potential superstars who might be shaped into leaders. And intensive training has a trickle-down effect: New employees learn from well-trained workers optimum ways to blow-out customer satisfaction. Human resources professionals, experienced employees or consultants can train new workers.

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