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Singing tunes of success

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

“Education gives you extra confidence and stature in society,” notes actor and singer Jaiveer Vats.

I did my BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) from B K Shroff College and M H Shroff College. It was a dream come true for me to study in a Mumbai college. For me admission in a Mumbai college was like a ticket to Bollywood and it paid off. Students were discussing about their marks for their 12th standard, and I was asking about the music studios that were around our college and about the annual day and other college festivals in the college.

Yes I was ragged. My seniors asked me about my relationships and girlfriends. They told me to write list of girlfriends I had during my school days. I wrote GUITAR. All were surprised but that is the truth, I always loved music; music is my life. Then I sung many songs and all the seniors, teachers and all my class mates were my fans since then. Professors were very knowledgeable and supportive. They always guided me and wanted me to be little more serious in my studies as I was very naughty and talkative in class.

I was extremely interested in journalism and the media. Therefore I had a natural interest in the subjects taught to me for the BMM degree. I never felt any pressure to study or by-heart the subjects. I use to read and understand all my subjects like a story book. I never experienced any pressure during exams.

Travelling was the most amazing part my college days. I use to stay in Mira Road East and my college was in Kandivali West. I use to board the morning 7:30 am local every day. My friends used to book a seat for me. We all use to sing songs, crack jokes and help old citizens to board and get off the local.
At times I use to enjoy riding my bike all the way to college.

I have some great memories about my college life. College life was like a musical tour with friends and seniors. I really enjoyed each and every moment of it and don’t know how those three years passed so quickly. We had our band and we performed in many competitions. We were the 2nd runner up in a fusion band competition. Being a singer I have to take care of my throat. Usually I don’t eat oily and fast food like most of college going students eat. In fact I am very fond of Patanjali products. I drink Alovera and Awaala juice every morning. Sometimes when we were hungry we used eat in the college canteen or at Mac Donalds. I had multiple friend circles with class mates with whom I use to study, prepare for exams, who use to help me in making notes; another group was of my seniors with whom I use to eat and watch films, they use to treat me always. I also had group with my professors and music teacher; I had a special bonding with all my professors and one special group with my juniors. I was like a hero for them. Everyone liked my singing and it helped me bond with the students and professors.

I never played any pranks but my juniors played one on me. There were around 35 to 40 girls in my junior batch of friends and on Rose Day they all presented me with roses and proposed to me. I had so many roses with ‘I Love You’ messages. They all pretended to be serious. I was wondering how to say ‘no’ to all of them and I did not go to college for two days as I was confused and nervous and did not realize that they had played a prank on me.

My most memorable moment was when I auditioned for my first Bollywood film song called ‘kaise kahu’ and the producer said ‘I want to cast you as the hero in my film’.

My most embarrassing moment was at an inter college singing competition at Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. I spent a full day with one singer and I did not ask his name. Later on I read about him in a film magazine and realised he was Armaan Malik.

Education is very important. It gives you extra confidence and stature in society. Today if I can stand up in front of my audience it is because of my studies and my hard work. BMM taught me about the various facets of the media and about effective communication skills. It is important to have a degree because if your career in films or music does not work then you can take up another job.

Success for me is to achieve something so that after several years when I look back I should cherish and be proud of my decisions and smile by recalling my journey. My advice to college students is - Guys be focused, know your talent and work very, very hard for your career. Remember nothing is impossible. With your grit and determination you can achieve anything in this world.

As told to Monarose Sheila Pereira

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