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Pre-schooling techniques!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Children are versatile and you will be surprised how fast they can learn once you teach them something. Before you dedicate yourself to a teaching method, figure out how the kids learn best. From there, you can choose teaching methods and techniques that are right for them. There are primary steps through which their learning process becomes easier. Parents should consider these steps and work accordingly on each step. It is very important to use right mediums and tools to give an effective way of learning for kids.

Digital learning platforms:

58% of Indian children have shown positive behavioral changes after using digital learning platforms. Parent’s expectation and concerns regarding children’s cognitive growth will be improved by using these platforms which has now become almost at par with traditional learning tools. It also develops kid’s language skills and improves its grasping capabilities.

Children learn best through everyday routines and interactions. The workshops help children to explore critical skills that they need to know. It also improves their internal skills, making them more innovative & creative.

Many parents choose to teach their children at home, instead of enrolling them and making them study within the formal settings of public or private schools. With homeschooling, the parents take full responsibility for their children’s education. Homeschooling helps parents to monitor their child’s progress and provide more friendly and relaxed environment which enables the child to learn everything in detail.

Learning through play:
It’s a form of creative expression, it’s fun and most of all it’s crucial for social, emotional, cognitive and even physical development. Learning through play is fast becoming recognized as a way to enhance learning and nurture curiosity. As children are seen enjoying what they do and are deeply engaged in activities that are relevant and meaningful, they remember things for longer and at the same time develop holistic skills for lifelong learning. It usually happens in an environment where the child has opportunities to imagine new things, take risks and share experiences with others.

Indulge in storytelling:

Storytelling forms a crucial part in developing your child’s overall personality. What seems like a simple pleasure of childhood has many benefits attached to it, and parents need to take out time to read to their children. There are innumerable advantages of storytelling for kids, especially for preschoolers to any age group, it helps them to be more focused, increase their concentration and helps them to become a patient listener.

Sounds, Music:
Children usually learn through different forms and patterns. They learn best through pictures, images, sound and music, things which they can relate too.

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