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Playing True To Type !

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It is rightly said, “Rules are made to be broken!” And we – the young generation of today has taken this too seriously! And, why not? We leave school hoping for a wee bit of freedom in college, but all hopes get blurred with the enactment of more and more rules in the draconian ‘College Book Of Discipline’! I may not be too bothered by these disciplinary measures, but sometimes it becomes too annoying.

My friends from Mithibai College hardly step into their college. No attendance problems here, mass bunking seems to be the order of the day. On the other hand, there is my college Nagindas Khandwala, which is primarily known for its discipline. On the whole, I am all for college discipline, to be enforced in full force.

Compulsory attending of lectures, proper dressing, being punctual and so on – the works so to say all get my assent. Even operating the cell phone on the campus is an offence leading to a hole in your pocket1 Further, less than 75 per cent attendance results in sending off a personal invitation to your parents for the mandatory meeting with the officials!

However, this hardly makes a difference to the carefree lot on the other side of the fence. They still manage to cross the attendance bridge by proxy given by their dearest friends!! They are still glued to their mobile phones courtesy their ever-present headphones; grooving to music throughout the lectures, while the professor mumbles inaudibly in the distance. Why they even whisper into their phones in an ongoing conversation with their not too distant friends, even as another period draws to a ‘boring’ end. The text and SMS addicts have another way out; their ‘bags’ suitably hide their phones and with brightness on their mobiles set to zero and skills mastered adroitly through time; they look attentively into the eyes of the professor and beneath their desks, their hands are busy all the time, doing all the typing and texting!!

After all IMPOSSIBLE too says I M POSSIBLE….

Harneet Juneja
Khandwala College

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