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Perks of Hybrid Learning

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Siddarth Bharwani, Vice President of Jetking Infotrain Limited

What is hybrid learning?
Hybrid learning is a technique of learning wherein students learn part of the course material online through videos or presentation and part through face to face classroom learning. This conventional form of click and mortar school as against the traditional brick and mortar school has started taking roots in India bridging the time, space and cost constraints that most educational institutions in India face.

What are the advantages of hybrid learning?
With hybrid learning comes the convenience of studying anytime, anywhere which is bridging the gap of time and space constraints many schools in India face. A substantial number of students are now even working professionals and they are looking to ‘up-skill’ themselves. However, they are unable to make the time to attend classes.  For these students, online education is a source of learning where they can complete courses as their time management and receive certifications accredited by deemed universities adding weight to their resumes. Hybrid learning is a boon since they can catch up on the study material online while sticking to their schedules and attend classes over the weekends.

Why is there a need for hybrid learning?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched Skill India mission keeping in mind the increasing demand for technologically sound and skilled workforce. The Economic Survey 2014-15 stated that as per the Labour Bureau Report 2014, the present skilled workforce in India is only 2 per cent.  Hence hybrid learning is required to upskill more students in the coming years. Also, many educational institutions in India face the challenge of retaining certified teachers. With the help of hybrid learning many schools especially in slums can have teachers with minimum qualifications who can teach with the aid of online resources.

In what way will hybrid learning help bridge the skill gap?
Before we get into the specifics of the skill gap it is important to understand the shortcomings in the current education system in the country and how they are impacting skill development.

According to a report, 80% of the engineering graduates in India are unemployable. We tend to train our students from a young age that “Getting Good Grades” is all that matters. The current system focuses on bookish knowledge and not enough stress is laid on practical approach to learning. Further the study material lacks engaging content and in some cases is even outdated. Hence there is a need for an upgraded education and training system.

How does hybrid learning affect the learning abilities of the students?
Every student has its own strengths and weakness and his/her own pace of learning. With hybrid learning, the students can learn at their own pace,  pause the videos whenever required and also take down notes. Many a times students feel conscious to ask doubts in the class for the fear of embarrassment. With hybrid learning students can ask doubts to their trainers online without feeling conscious as well as get feedback from them.  Practical training also takes in the classroom which further leaves no room for doubts. This makes students responsible for this own studies. Fast learners also have the flexibility to go ahead and finish the entire course without having to wait for others to finish. This makes him/her proactive.

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