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On your head at peace

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Manjeet Keshwani, Yoga Trainer talks to Monarose Sheila Pereira about his unique career

Manjeet Keshwani, MSc in Yoga has bagged a bronze medal in the National Yoga championships. He is presently working with Mickey Mehta wellness temple as a Head Yoga instructor.  Today with the increase in the awareness in Yoga and the importance of being fit, Yoga Instructors are in demand.
However it is extremely important to find the right trainer who is both well qualified and experienced.  A bad trainer can cause permanent injury to the body. Therefore it is imperative to check the trainer credentials.

Manjeet says, “Since childhood I was very passionate about physical fitness. After much thought and doing research I decided to make Yoga as my career.” He finds it extremely fulfilling because he enjoys doing it and it gives him immense satisfaction to know that he is contributing to the health of people and society at large. He has studied at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidyalaya, Madhya Pradesh and at the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Tamil Nadu.  

The course includes a complete study of the body and various subjects like applied anatomy and physiology, naturopathy, theory of asanas, pranayams, mudras, kriyas, yoga therapy, suryanamaskar, healthy diets, meditation and so on.

Studying at a good institute helps in understanding the correct techniques and gaining knowledge which can be passed on to the clients to help them achieve their goals. Yoga has many benefits to offer. It is l an all round development of the person. It is about mind, body and spiritual growth. It helps one to be active in life and also keeps the endocrine system balanced. Yoga is a complete art and science. It offers several benefits. It increases the flow of ‘prana’ and brings energy up your spine.  Yoga has tremendous healing power and promotes good health in mind body and soul. Some of the benefits of yoga include better sleep, fewer colds, feeling more relaxed, improves  health, heals pains, drops blood pressure, improves concentration, builds muscle strength, prevents cartilage and joint wear and tear, regulates  the adrenal glands, controls diabetes, improves balance, maintains the nervous system, gives you peace of mind, builds inner strength, builds awareness, generally keeps illness away and helps to lead a healthy and happy life.

Manjeet says, “Unfortunately today most clients come for weight loss. They want quick fixes. They are not ready to take the long journey into understanding and mastering Yoga. This can be very disheartening to a true Yoga instructor. Yoga has so much more to offer.” With several yoga institutes mushrooming in the city there are plenty of career opportunities for those who want to become Yoga instructors. Manjeet explains, “As a fresher you can easily make 50 thousand a month. It takes at least one year to master the process and techniques. It is better to work with an institute and garner adequate experience before you venture out on your own. If you have the right qualifications and have established yourself in market then you can easily make a lakh by investing about seven hours of teaching in a day. The crux of the matter is that there is a great need for ‘good and qualified’ Yoga instructors. So arm yourself with a good degree and work hard at gaining experience before you can be a name to reckon with.”

“There are plenty of advantages of being a Yoga instructor.  If you love the field then you will enjoy being a Yoga Instructor.  When you learn the right techniques you don't really feel that you are working out. You enjoy doing the asanas and breathing exercises and ultimately enjoy good health and enjoy your life. Yoga begins at home. I have inspired and motivated my family to do it every day.”

Manjeet exclaims, “I am passionate about Yoga!” Being a Yoga instructor is like being a doctor. It is a noble profession because you are making a difference to the quality of life of your students. The best part is that you do not prescribe chemical formulas to your students. So there are no adverse effects of the chemicals. Yoga is a complete natural process. Unlike working out with weights and machines, Yoga uses its own body weight and therefore there is no danger in hurting and harming yourself. Having said that, it is of paramount importance to get the technique right or you can hurt the student.

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