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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mamta Rawat, Malini Kishore Sanghvi College of Commerce and Economics, Andheri West.

‘Esprit de corps', this is what I’ve learnt from the last college festival of this season “Cutting Chai 2016”, (CC '16). Organized by the BMM department of R.D National college, it happens to be one of the most anticipated college festivals in the city. My participation was a journey, which was not easy but very memorable. This journey began a couple of weeks before the commencement of CC '16, when we, the BMM department of Malini Kishor Sanghvi college, also known as Ritambhara college were invited by them. As soon as the prospectus was read, we were filled with overwhelming energy. Our seniors charged our spirits like never before. CC '16 had allotted every college with a theme, based on the gods of Greek mythology. We were themed as the god of thunder and winds : Aether.

After a few weeks, we were ready with our ammo to 'kill it' in CC '16. Team Aether was ready to show what we got. Although, there were personal hurdles I faced. I’m an introvert, so only an introvert would know what the problem was. I was trying my best to get involved in the groups but felt left out most of the times. As a result I could hardly participate in my favorite events. It was ‘Creative Writing’ that I wanted! Somehow I got my wits together and asked one of my seniors if I could participate in creative writing? She looked at me and said, “You should say, I want to participate rather than Can I participate!” It was so encouraging! But, I couldn’t participate as someone had enrolled and took the oppotunity. So I just had to satisfy myself by just working in the art team.

But as they say, everything happens for a reason. As if destiny wanted to teach me self confidence and its importance, I realized that I was mixing in slowly with the team I worked with. I was glad that I was finally grouped. Loaded with full enthusiasm and also the funniest slogans to cheer up our team Aether, We already felt like winners of CC '16! Finally, the fest arrived.

DAY 1: All the teams from different colleges arrived there, with their own unique style. The splendid preparations, smooth work system & a really long list of sponsors reflected the sheer hard work of the organizing committee of CC 2016. After a grand inauguration, the events took off. My favorite was the band event “Surrr ke piyo” whose participants and judges took no time to set our spirits high just by their aura. Nikhil D’couza, Mohammad Irfan & Arjun Kanugo created that very atmosphere. It was a mixture of band music and cheers from all the teams. Our band did a great job there and left me mesmerised.

DAY 2: It was a surprise as I got to know that I had to participate in my favorite event creative writing since the previous participant was absent somehow. I was overjoyed to hear this but managed to get myself on the ground and grabbed the chance by saying “I want to participate!” Yes I did it, It was the chance to become the cynosure of all eyes of my team mates. Then, I headed towards my event when all my team mates started cheering for me and wishing me luck. Oh! That moment was mine, I felt like I was going for a war, LOL! Feelings you see! I did my part and joined them again. We’ll started cheering again and all the events ended one by one, journalism, gaming, radio and etc. and how one can forget the fashion show, where Sonam kapoor joined us and just fueled our enthusiasm. It was a star panel of judges. I was a socialized Mamta. From an introvert to an extrovert, it was a transforming journey.

DAY 3: The last day of the last fest, the best events were about to come, Dance, main films, ads followed by the marvelous closing ceremony. Although it was the last day our energies were not less. Towards the end of the day, a good news came to me. It was annouced that Team Aether secured 2nd place in creative writing! It was Me, I was on the 7th heaven. All of them congratulated me. Anything more and I would burst out of happiness. A well spent day ended. We had so many prizes in our pockets! We were weary, but winners nonetheless...

Now I got to know participating in festivals are so important in a college life. It is a simple journey that teaches you complex things, beautifully!

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