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Mumbai Schools Wins Big in Beijing

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
By A Staff Reporter

One of the distinctive qualities that we notice in today’s teenagers, Generation-Z as they are called is their keen interest in global issues and especially their concern for the state of the world. Be it on Instagram or Snapchat, this Gen-Z is exposed to news from around the world. They don’t just sit down and consume this but there are many among them who also want to participate in making a difference. The recent global movement #Schools4ClimateChange started by Greta Thunberg is an excellent example. For a few decades now, MUN has been an excellent platform for students to get together, discuss and debate issues and find solutions that can be globally implementable. A delegation of students from Mumbai recently embarked on a journey to Beijing as part of the Worldview Future Leaders Program to join 1200 students from across the world at the Harvard MUN China.

These delegates of Gen-Z Indian students didn’t just participate in the MUN but left an indelible mark on it with a winning performance, with students of NSS Hillspring winning 11 out of 13 individual awards and being recognized with the Outstanding Large Delegation award. Students of Oberoi International also shone with 13 out of 18 individual awards and being awarded Best International Delegation from among the 23 international schools participating at the conference.

The 16 committees that the students were divided into at the MUN, simulated various organs & bodies of the United Nations. Each committee addressed an important issue that is highlighted under the UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030. Over the 4 days of the conference, the delegates in each committee engaged in multiple rounds of speeches, debates, negotiations and discussions before coming up with resolutions to solve pressing issues such as Marine Wildlife, Artificial Intelligence, Genome Sequencing, Trafficking, Economic Development, Terrorism among others.  

Sampreeth Reddy, CEO of Worldview Education (co-hosts & partners of the Harvard MUN in India) said, “While the students have been rightfully recognized for their fantastic performance with awards, what’s far more important is the varied global perspectives that they’ve received on the various issues debated. Our efforts along with the school management, educators and parents will be to ensure that the knowledge & skills gained in this journey translate into impactful positive action in community, within their influence zones. Only then will Generation-Z truly become a Generation of Solvers”

Nalini Pinto, Principal of NSS Hillspring said - "As a school, we encourage our students to participate in the Harvard Model United Nations because of the training of skills, values and sensitization that the forum helps cultivate like diplomacy, collaboration, persuasion and negotiation. These, we feel, are what the children of today need the most as they step into the interdependent and globalized world of tomorrow. Being recognized with an award for practicing these skills and "living their learning" is truly gratifying."

A student from Oberoi International said – “My experience at HMUN China, 2019, has highly shaped the way I perceive global relations and the world in general. I believe that it is up to the Gen-Z, the generation of Internationally minded people to be able to think more liberally and combine, instead of colliding”

NSS Hillspring International School has been participating in the Harvard MUN conferences in India & China consistently for the past 8 years. The school also has an active MUN club and hosts their own MUN conference every year.

Oberoi International School has been participating in international conferences in India over the past few years and this was their first time at HMUN China. The school has an active MUN club.

The Harvard MUN is a conference hosted by the International Relations Council at Harvard University every year in Boston, Beijing & Hyderabad. The 9th edition of Harvard MUN India will be held from 15th -18th August 2018 in Hyderabad, India!

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