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Most popular Design Spheres

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Ever wondered how you go about studying design and most importantly what sort of careers it can lead you to? Here are some popular career options in the field of design

By Shami Goregaoker, Design Director, GA Design

We see design every day; from the styling of our homes, to the designs on our phone covers, to the billboards on streets. Ever wondered how you go about studying design and most importantly what sort of careers it can lead you to? The opportunities for work in the design world are endless, you just have to make sure you are willing to work for it. Popular career options are written below:

Interior Decorator or Interior Designer
There is a difference between these two and if you are interested in interiors, it’s other options in the field of design are listed below.

portant that you know what they are to determine what you actually want to do.

An Interior Decorator is someone who loves to play with colour, fabrics, finishes, fixtures and furnishings. They are capable of reinventing a room to a space that feels well arranged; has that ‘wow’ factor and feels inviting. Kitchen, furniture and furnishings brands need qualified interior decorators to work in their stores; from styling the store to helping customers purchase products.

An Interior Designer has all the skills of an Interior Decorator plus they have a deeper understanding of construction and technical drawing. They can work on anything from small projects to large rebuilds for residential or commercial development. Their projects will be larger and more complex to manage and their client skills enable them to work with architects, contractors and even the client. An Interior Designer can study a full degree course and pursue a Masters too.
A Stylist is someone who, like an Interior Decorator, can style an interior space and product range, however a stylist can also work on anything from styling events such as weddings or photography shoots to magazine shoots featuring products. To become a Stylist you would need to study a specialised  course in styling, have a real interest in keeping up with trends and current styles, as well as having a creative eye.

Stylists can also work in the Property Staging sector, helping to style homes to help increase the buyer appeal and help them sell faster.

Colour Consultant
A Colour Consultant is someone that knows and understands all about the science of colour. They are specialists in creating colour palettes for interior or exterior colour schemes and for product development. Businesses like Colour Companies or manufacturer of building products or a dealer of home furnishings will have an internal colour expert on their team. Or you can become a colour consultant working alongside architects, construction businesses, or marketing teams. To be a Colour Consultant, you can take up a course in colour and design.

Surface Designer
A Surface Designer is someone who illustrates prints and patterns that can be applied to any product. Products can range from homeware and stationery to swimwear and much more. Training in Surface Design can lead you to many career paths for example, working for a company helping to design products, an additional skill for a graphic designer or even going freelance and launching your own range of products or designs to sell. To go down this career path you can study a specialised Diploma in Surface Design.

Furniture Designer
With furniture being one of the most important elements of Interior Design as a Furniture Designer you have a pretty important role. You have to keep up with fashion and trends as well as manufacturing materials. This sort of career is suited to those with both a creative, mathematic and technical mind thinking all about practicality and function whilst you are designing. You can go into this career by either an Interior or Industrial Design course.

Exhibition Designer
An Exhibition Designer is almost like a cross between an interior designer and a stylist, as you are creating displays in a gallery, museum or other public space. You have to have a great eye for design as well as layout making the exhibition both practical, pleasing to the eye and inviting to be in. To be qualified in this area you would need to study in areas like art culture as well as styling.

Graphic Designer or Digital Designer
A Graphic Designer is someone who specialises in creating work for pre-print production. With a main focus on things like typography, logo design, brochures, posters and imagery. A Digital Designer also works on all of the above with a strong focus on the digital side such as web and app design. You can do a Diploma in Graphic or Digital Design, but remember that a strong knowledge of various computer software is a must.

The design world is constantly evolving so designers need to be too. Study hard and dream big, but most importantly choose a college or institute that has the right feel for you.

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