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"Life Coaching is a complete package for living solutions personally and professionally,"

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Informs Raman Handa, Life coach and Director – Consciousness.

I studied at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and won the Gold Medal. I have a Masters in Astrology and Spiritual Sciences and Life Coaching and an Advance Diploma in Interior Design. Today everybody is suffering from something or the other. It is a great feeling to guide people and be a part of their success. It is easy to live your dreams but it gives you immense satisfaction when you see yourself manifesting for others. We all lead stressful lives and have so many targets to achieve. Have you heard of a profession of spreading happiness and smiles on everybody's face? That is the career of a Life Coach – so I say that let us share your stress and let us work together to achieve your targets; so that your dreams come true.

The career of a Life coach is very different and unique. Life Coaching is a combination of spiritual sciences. Astrology provides guidance and in combination with other spiritual sciences we can help people evolve in their lives. When a person loses hope and feels helpless and frustrated, then comes the role of a Life Coach. A Life Coach is a person who shows confidence in the client and makes them realize their strengths. A Life Coach gives a ray of hope and helps the client to go through the worst phase of their lives either emotionally or professionally.

My grandfather Dr. Hashmat Rai Handa always wanted me to be a doctor and in being a Life Coach I feel I am fulfilling his wish. It gives me immense satisfaction and contentment when I see people smiling and blessing me for supporting them in their tough times when they lost hope. As a Life Coach I have earned money and fostered some good relations too. I am blessed that each and every client of mine considers me as a part of their family. I cannot forget when one of my clients called my mom and told her that she wanted to greet my mom who has given birth to a son like me. That made my mom proud and it was the most memorable moment of my life.

The best part of this profession is that there is no investment other than your education, time and dedication. You can start this profession from your residence. In fact the cost of studies is also very nominal. You can intern under a good qualified Coach. It has been 12 years now that I am in this profession and I am glad that I chose this profession as it gives me a lot of confidence and independence. I am a trend setter and have changed the image of a spiritual person from one with a tilak and dhoti to a very classy and fashionable person. I can do meditation and recite mantras and I am good in walking the ramp too and can model.

As my work strategy we sign a contract with all our clients on an annual basis. As a fresher anybody can earn 30 to 40k a month and as an established professional there is no limit to the earnings. There are a lot of advantages in this field. Your work timings are flexible. The kind of respect you earn is way bigger than the perks you earn or even the charges you get for the guidance. The most important remuneration is the happiness of your clients when they achieve what they wanted to with your help. This profession does not need any kind of publicity. Your work speaks and your clients spread the word. As of today I am working professionally as a Life Coach for many listed and multi-national companies, politicians, business tycoons and Bollywood stars. In the near future I would like to expand to the international market too. I want to expand my business and start some social organisation which could create more helping hands to society.

My advice to those who have some inclination towards spirituality is that they should explore their potential. We do not need any research; what we need is ‘Re-Search’. Life Coaching is a complete package for living solutions personally and professionally. The job calls for a lot of hard work, education in the related field and experience which will make you more perfect. There are no working hours. Clients can call you at any hour of the day or night.
Building a trust factor is the only key to success in this profession. Knowledge of different subjects like Astrology, Vastu, Numerology and Spiritual Sciences is very important. Psychology is the initial subject to master. Lot of meditation is required. Client confidentiality is very, very important. Command over different languages is also an important tool. A Life Coach cannot be manipulative. You have to be polite and patient with the clients. Being confident, reading and keeping yourself updated with day to day affairs is very important. You cannot see your own horoscope and try this science on yourself or even on your own family. A lot of experience is required to make any strong statement to the client. Predictions cannot be given in haste or without experience. You cannot take impulsive decisions. You have to be calm and compose. Every client is a new challenge. You cannot boast your client list as you have to maintain confidentiality. It is a very interesting and challenging field.

As told to Monarose Sheila Pereira

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