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Help your Kids to be Future Ready

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A majority of parents when questioned about what they want for their children in the future are very clear that they want their kids to be successful in life. According to a study conducted in 2015, parents when asked to rank three most important goals that they wanted their child to achieve as an adult chose that their children build successful careers in their adult life. 51% of the Indian parents choose successful careers, while 49% choose happiness in life, 33% identified a healthy lifestyle, 22% wanted them to earn enough for a comfortable life and 17% rated fulfilling their children’s potential as the ultimate goal.

Fast forward to the current year, as per the Global Parents Survey 2018, parent’s biggest concerns about their children’s futures globally remain bread and butter issues. 42% listed getting a job and having a successful career as among their top three anxieties for their child’s future.

We as a nation have always been academically inclined and measure the success of our children in terms of the grades they achieve during their student years.  Most parents associate providing good academic exposure to their child as the only required means to attain the goal of developing them to be successful adults in the future.  

While 25% of parents worldwide spend 7 or more hours a week helping their children with their education, this figure rises to 62% in India.  We are so obsessed with academics and grades that we completely ignore or give very little importance to developing the other necessary aspects that are required for a child to develop into a successful individual.  Hence, whilst Indian parents are considered to be the best parents worldwide, our workforce does not achieve the required productivity and are underperforming.

Helping our kids become future ready and nurturing them holistically is the need of the hour.  Educational institutions are also slowly recognizing the importance and positive impact of holistic development of a child.  Unfortunately, they are limited in the application of this ideology as they have to conform to various policies laid down and set curriculums.  Hence, it is up to us as parents to bridge this gap and make our children successful in the true sense.  We need to ensure that our kids will be ready to confidently face the challenges and overcome obstacles that life will throw at them in the future years to come. We need to give them skills, the right mindset, a life long learning approach and develop them holistically to be able to keep themselves relevant in the future.   

About the Parenting Program
Helping Your Kids to be Future Ready, aims to make parents, educators and caregivers aware about the paradigm shift in parenting that is required in order to effectively bring up our children and make them successful, productive and happy individuals.

This interactive Panel discussion will touch on key issues faced by children, some of which will include:

  • Maintaining focus and productivity in what they do.
  • Developing them into happy stress free kids.
  • How to tackle peer pressure, safety and security issues and reduce exposure to juvenile crimes.
  • Connecting children to their roots and inculcating basic human values whilst promoting technology and its efficient use.
  • Learning the importance of skill based education.
  • Following a holistic approach towards developing children.

About AwareRaho
Increasing awareness, inducing transformation and changing mindset is what AwareRaho is all about.  A social initiative to help educate and increase awareness about social causes is the mission of AwareRaho.    

Collaborating with like-minded individuals and experts, AwareRaho conducts a variety of Awareness programs on topics that have an impact on society.  Some of which include awareness programs for Women Empowerment, Effective Parenting, Increasing Productivity, etc.  

About Kidzania
KidZania is a safe, unique, and interactive indoor theme park that empowers inspires & educates kids through real-life role- play activities.

KidZania represents industries present in the real world like private services, public services, entertainment, airline, automobile, retail, restaurants and factories where children can play the role of a Pilot, Surgeon, Detective, Chef, Engineer, TV Producer, Radio Jockey and much more from over 100 role-playing activities. Activities at KidZania are completely hands-on so that kids acquire real-life skills, learn about working and having a career and are introduced to the fundamentals of financial literacy and how society functions.

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