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Hard work and dedication leads to success in studies

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

By Sultan Ansari, Founder and Director, Gyaanzone.com

Education can be highly competitive, especially for those who aim high and intend to get into some of the best schools in the nation, and possibly abroad as well. Success in this sphere does not happen overnight - it results only after intense hard work and dedication. It is obvious that trying to score high in your studies cannot be a last ditch effort. At the same time, there are several things you can do to give your studies the extra nudge during exam time. Here is a look at some of the long term and short term studying habits that you can inculcate in order to not only score well in every exam, but to make studies fun and exciting too!

Long-term habits Books are your friends – if you accept them!
Always keep in mind that what you study today is going to help you achieve your dreams tomorrow. Studies are not a monotonous task - they are a lifelong learning process. Books form an integral part of education, so think of them as friends and companions. The more time you spend with them, the better you will get to know them! So make reading a habit.

And don’t limit yourself to textbooks. Internet has made it extremely easy to access a host of information in any given field – so make the most of it.

Find your own rhythm
What works for others, may not necessarily work for you. Each of our minds works in their own unique way and we have our own special motivations. Some people study better in absolute silence, while others actually find silence to be a major distraction. Students often play music while studying, while others walk and read in order to focus. Find out what works for you and stick to it – this will be ‘your zone’.

Get your support system in place
It is important that people around you understand your study habits as much as you. Having your parents constantly asking you to lock yourself in your room to study when you find silence distracting will not work in your favour. At the same time, having a noisy sibling playing in your room when you need silence to focus can spell disaster. So talk it out with your family so that they can help you create an environment where you can study best. Not only will this help you focus better, but it will also take away any unnecessary stress from study time.

Make a ‘study time’
Youngsters have their plates full when it comes to squeezing in several activities into a 24-hour cycle. However, it is important not to let other activities overrun the time you dedicate to your studies. So plan your daily activities in a manner, which allows you at least 2 hours a day to dedicate to studies. Make sure that this time is ONLY for studying and is not infringed by anything else. Dedicate at least 4 hours on weekends and holidays. This will help you keep pace with your daily studies as well in revising older lessons.

Once you have inculcated these long-term habits, you will find that your overall comfort level with your curriculum is high. As such, it will never feel as though you are lagging behind or have lost track of your studies. All that remains, then, is to give you a little extra boost when the crucial exam time arrives. Here are some practices that you can follow to do just that!

Short-term practices
The Chapter List
Make a list of all chapters and mark the tough ones in red. As soon as you finish each chapter, strike it out of the list – this will give you a sense of achievement. You will also feel better motivated as you see the list becoming shorter with every chapter that is struck off.  This will also help you manage your time better as you will know exactly how far you have to go, how many crucial and non-critical chapters to cover.

Chapter prioritization
There are bound to be certain chapters in a subject that you find particularly tough. Allot more study time to such chapters so that you can understand them better. Reward yourself with a longer break for completing every tough chapter. You should also leave space to revise these chapters at the very end so that the learning is fresh in your mind when you sit for the exam.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Identify classmates who are strong in particular subjects. Talk to them beforehand and take permission to call them in case you get ‘stuck’ at any point in your studies. A little help can always go a long way. Also, don’t forget to return the favour if someone asks you for help!

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