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'Focus on your special talent'

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In a first person account, Upendra Rajkumar Pandey, video journalist, JIA NEWS speaks about his enriching tryst with television and sheds light on his journey as a media professional

I am a Bollywood journalist and consider myself lucky to have found a job even before I graduated. I am presently pursuing TYBMM from Guru Nanak College. It is tough because now I have a job and study too. I love my career. My family is very proud of me and they have supported my education and work.

I love the media because it talks about the truth and informs the public about the same. It is the media who informs the public about the truth, about the government, its policies, social issues that plague society, and also about what is going on in the world. This field is a very open field and gives an opportunity to express our ideas and opinions.

Education is very important, as it informs you about the basics about your career and field. BMM teaches you about the various aspects of the media. My education has helped me to make my dreams come true. It is important to reflect upon your college experience and look for examples of how you can utilise, develop or enhance that knowledge. Think broadly about your college experience and incorporate class projects, interactions with professors, assignments, volunteer work, internships, campus activities, independent studies, and the other activities and projects you have done in school and college. Whatever I have learnt has been a great asset in my professional work in the media.

After education comes training. It's very important  as it bridges the gap between education and the actual realities of the job. My training days were tough and also full of joy. I learnt a great deal about television during my training days. It was a lot of hard work, but I also enjoyed the learning experience. Training gives you practical knowledge which does not come with a degree. Therefore training is very vital in this field.

As a fresher one can earn about Rs. Rs.10,000/- a month. The time it takes to become a professional video journalist depends largely on your specialty area and career interest. But here is a general timeline. I took two years to become a professional in this field. As an established professional you can earn Rs. 25,000/- per month and even more.

The greatest advantage of working in this field is that you get a tremendous amount of satisfaction by giving information to the general public. The common man gets the latest news within a fraction of a second through television. Distance is not a barrier anymore. The news they get through media helps them in their daily life. We can bring out the hidden talent in people; we can get public opinion about people, events and current issues. Television is extremely popular today and people can get vital information from the news and other programmes. It also entertains and educates people. It is a great feeling to be a part of such an important and powerful medium.

 I love my work and therefore I put in my best efforts. However, every profession also has certain disadvantages. There are many sensitive issues that we have to cover and sometimes we face a hostile environment. Sometimes people feel intimidated and use threatening language and abuse the journalist. However you have to take it in your stride and work without fear.

There are many career opportunities in television. You can be a producer, director, sponsor, anchor, news reader, actor, script writer, script supervisor, underwriter, choreographer, musician, singer, dancer, set designer, editor, proofreader, researcher,  agent, casting crew, dubbing professional, cameraman, wardrobe manager, costume designer, hair and make-up artist spot boy, technician, stuntman, lawyer and accountant.

A candidate should understand his or her skill to find the right career opportunities in television suited to him or her. Some designations require specific training, while others need skill training and do not require any previous experience or formal education. The media is a growing and is a dynamic field.
There are many career opportunities available today in the media. It has become a very specialised field.

Therefore, while choosing a career I would like to inform students to find out their area of interest and focus on their special talent.  This way they will enjoy their career because it is interesting to them. Knowledge is very important for any industry. So be prepared to do your homework, and gain as much knowledge as you can about the field you are working in.

Television is a growing field. It is extremely dynamic. There are new dimensions being added to it from time to time. Therefore you have to be knowledgeable and updated about the latest in the field.

My ultimate goal is to become a Radio Jockey and Anchor. This has been my lifelong passion and ambition and I am working towards it.To me, success means to have a goal, plan the steps to achieve the goal, implement the plan, and finally achieve the goal.

(As told to Monarose Sheila Pereira)

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