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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mrs. Shaheen Khan, Founder, Director of Council of Education & Development Programmes (CEDP) Skill Institute, Mumbai, feels that vocational skill-based education is the answer to the malaise of unemployment, apart from being the future hope of students who cannot avail of full-score degree courses

Broadening Gap?
“The greatest task of Indian education system today is to deliver skill-based education to the youth. This is intensified by a discrepancy in demand and supply for the skilled workforce.The accountability of overall development of a naive kid to an accountable citizen lies in the education system. For the rich and selected class of people, education can be a social status, while for the intermediate class it is a way to obtain a job and bear a living. Hence, vocational training is significant in our education system.

Though the field of education has made improvement in the last few years, this less-controlled area of the education sector “Vocational Training” appears to have lost its significance. This has led to the broadening gap between the supply and demand for experienced manpower across numerous industries. This scarcity of skills has interpreted openly into unemployment among a cumulative number of graduates who pass out every year and are enforced to be re-trained in order to become marketable.”

Viva Vocational Education!
“Vocational training should be reflected as a vital aspect of education and growth to make scholars apt for a job. There are numerous institutes which offer vocational training. That means that a candidate, just after High School, has the choice of obtaining skills he/she needs to be capable to be suitable for a job. It is a kind of back-up to the conventional college/university education, next to high school. Numerous vocational training institutes also offer positive life skills and English speaking courses alongside a designated vocational stream which can serve as a great substitute for students.

Vocational education improves practical knowledge and life skills, and the attention here is to deliver skills that will be appropriate in the real world. It is an open course, which means anybody who is eager to study without any age factor or other thoughts can apply.”

Highs & Highlights
Low Cost Education:

“Not everybody can meet the expense of college to do a four-year degree, with the additional cost of various other expenses during the course. Vocational courses are generally low-priced alternatives for individuals who do not want to take up a loan to go to a university. Many vocational courses are akin to a four-year degree which offers employment to the students after the programme. This makes them pretty useful for those who do not have the resources to shell out cash for a college grade.”

Job Ready:
“Vocational studies formulate an individual for a precise job. It trains a person with the skills and abilities compulsory to do a specific job, such as interior designing, fashion designing, auto repairing, computer networking etc. Along with classroom guidelines, practical knowledge is trained through field work. Workshop-based education is also emphasised to give students hands-on knowledge on a given subject, adding to overall  efficieny and benefits.  

Easy Employment:
“Vocational education makes it stress-free for the students to find work. Generally, it is understood that employers choose to hire a student who has done a vocational course. Reason being that the student already owns the right personality, skills, potential and education for the job. Employers feel that he/she will be more fruitful to the organisation.”

Boosts Careers:
“People, who are currently working and want to get additional education to progress in their professions, cannot afford to avail of a complete four-year degree course. A vocational course is the best bet to improve their skills and testimonials. The time period of the course may be less, but the expertise that is imparted is fairly equivalent to that imparted by a good university.

Opening Up Opportunities
“Industries are the look-out for people who have skills that will benefit their trade to grow. Attempting vocational education and training (VET) offers you skills that are nationally accepted and will give you  the enhanced career choices you want. With the growth of economies globally, the employment industry has turned out to be more quantified. Demand of greater levels of talent mutually in government and business sector has led to the additional progress of vocational education through publicly-funded training organisations and sponsored internship. At the post-secondary level vocational education is usually delivered by an institute, or by a local public college. Vocational education has also expanded in the 21st century. Demand for work professionals is necessary now, more than ever in several businesses such as retail, tourism, information technology, cosmetics, as well as in the old-style crafts and cottage industries.”

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