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Enhancing job opportunities and securing the future in IT industry!

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Since the midst of 21st century, the focus on building comprehensive brands with a vast product base has greatly impacted on how one conducts business. More competitors in the market creates a variety of available options for the customer. Hence, businesses are churning out new ways to lure consumers, while creating a veritable environment for their employees to up their skill set, necessitating the need for technology to play its role. From harnessing consumer preferences to streamlining processes, technology has elevated how business is conducted, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep learning being at the helm of things, says Diwakar Chittora, CEO & Founder of Intellipaat.

How are the industries harnessing AI & Deep Learning?
Opening up one’s eyes to AI isn’t a big thing, anymore. It is an enhanced sense of consumer intelligence generated by machines to augment modern day interactions to create “experiences”. This comprehensive faction involves the use of a vast host of data to create an engagement that is unique and customized, while catering for the larger cause. This involves Deep Learning, where previous data is collated and studied to figure out common patterns and churn out a roadmap for enhanced satisfaction. The biggest advantage is that AI creates room for new modifications while retaining the essence of the structure.

Naturally, AI and Deep learning finds use in a variety of verticals- starting from strategy games such as chess or poker to segments that require heuristic logic. Virtual assistant technology is becoming a game enhancer of sorts, paired with image/speech recognition and automated robotics. The uses are vast as Insurance and banking organizations habitually employ AI to monitor possibilities of fraud and cull out potential defaulters.Automated robotics come to play as self-driven cars, auto-pilot modes and smart homes using sensors enhance our day-to-day lives. Biggest boom comes in marketing as marketers utilize AI to gather browsing habits and predict buying patterns, providing suggestions for the things that one “needs”.

Additionally, an understanding of how business works and the common processes used in day-to-day operations, will harmonize the core competencies to synchronise organizational workflows. Therefore, the job scenario looks ripe as AI and deep learning sets forth in bolstering an Information Technology (IT) centric nation such as India. With a huge population, that is dynamic, the high rate of employment in the IT sector comes as a big advantage.

Even the educational framework of the nation is going through a sea of changes as smart infrastructure to help accommodate the rapid growth in urban centres, are being employed by the government. Tech programmes now come equipped with modules on AI, IoT, Deep Learning and other essential components, to facilitate this surge. In fact, what is commendable is the fact that constant changes in this dynamic field have made it mandatory for professionals to continue upgrading their skill set, to retain relevance in the job market.

Career prospects
Automation and machine generated intelligence has become the talk of the town, with major industries looking forward in harnessing this goldmine of data. Naturally the demand for courses which help you gain proficiency in machine language is on an all-time high.Organisations such as Intellipaat are contributing greatly to this growth, with their exclusive online certification courses on Big Data, Data Architecture, Salesforce, Business Intelligence, Data Science and more- aiding enthusiasts and professionals to skill themselves, accordingly. Here are four hot prospects that they can work in:

Data Scientist
Datascientists collect data from multiple interfaces/touchpoints, culling out inferences to come up with effective consumer engagement solutions. Machine learning and Ai form the core of data science, where techniques such as regression, predictive analytics and more are applied.

Machine Learning Engineer
Currently, Machine learning engineers are some of the most sought after professionals, with a strong grasp on software, natural language processing, statistics, applied math and working knowledge of tools such as IntelliJ, Eclipse and so on, being the core requirements.

Research Scientist
The role of a research scientist is enmeshed in deep learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, computer perception and more. They required mastering parallel computing, distributed computing, algorithms and computer architecture skills.

Business Intelligence Developer
A business intelligence developer combines business acumen apart withdexterity on artificial intelligence and machine learning.  Their roles include designing and maintaining data for cloud-based platforms, while optimizing workflows and processes.

Big Data Architect
Big data architects have held the position of being among the best paying jobs in artificial intelligence, for a long time. This stems from the fact that big data architects occupy an integral position in developing a data-enabled business ecosystem, with apt planning and positioning. In comparison to data scientists, this is an enmeshed role where big data architects typically are involved with planning, designing, and developing the big data environment on Hadoop and Spark systems.

Robotics Scientist
Robotics scientists have been amassing interest from students on a yearly basis, post the boom of robotics in India.   They are the people pour life into innovative products such as Alexa and Roomba, giving robotic machines a touch of human insight- where Ai and Machine Learning comes to play.  It is this human touch that makes these machines more relatable amongst us. And the path has the scope to learn and unlearn- these scientists go through years of development with a product, to ensure the robot comes to fruition, making it a position to vie for.

It is said that by 2030, AI may end up offering USD 15.7 trillion to the global economy, with India holding a large chunk of its employment. Hence we should herald the onset of AI and Deep Learning that has created a new dawn of employment in this diverse yet competitive job market.

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