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Engineer your success

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

By Ramesh Batlish, FIITJEE Expert

“Scientists research what already exists and discover new knowledge by peering into the unknown, engineers create what has not been done before — they make things that have never existed before.”

Engineering and medicine are the two professional degrees, which have created more than a ripple amongst the students. Getting an MBBS has come out to be a dream as the seats available are meagre and thus, the majority is left with the next popular option—Engineering.

Engineering is undoubtedly one of the most popular degrees pursued these days. It is the practical application of Science and Mathematics to find answers to complex problems. Today, engineering technologies have evolved in every sphere. From communication, travel, health to work and entertainment – engineering has paved a way towards the modern and efficient world.

Going by the number of engineering colleges (including the globally recognized IITs) and high enrolments in these colleges in India, the question that forms in everyone’smind is, ‘Does India need so many engineers and are they all employable’? The answer is a big, ‘yes’. The world needs plenty of well equipped, talented graduates with the right attitude. There are job opportunities for those who have the potential. Also, opportunities for self-employment are high for innovative and passionate minds.

Why Engineering?
Just like doctors and lawyers, engineers are professionals who have earned a lot of respect. One can attain a desired job image; join a profession that welcomes national and global competitiveness, security and the rising living standards. In engineering, the person gets to study with top of-the-line technology, receive great placements and high level training. When one starts working, he/she not only benefits with an attractive salary and prestige, but also has access to information and technology that will help them to performbetter at work. At the same time, engineering helps develop one’s way of thinking and forces one to work on many different skills including problem solving and critical reasoning.

Engineering offers a huge amount of options that one can have a hard time deciding on which one is the best. From electrical and mechanical to computer science or civil, the numerous areas of engineering are high in demand. Last but not the least, for almost everyone these days, money matters the most and it is significant to know that engineers are amongst the highest paid professionals around the globe.

To convert these options into reality, students dreaming of getting into eminent engineering colleges, need to understand the benefits of starting early. Starting early gives a student more time to adapt to the quantum jump in the level of difficulty with better ease and understanding. Early starters indisputably stand to benefit more as they get more time for board exam preparation as well as engineering entrance and other competitive exams. Students preparing early would be able to crack minor milestones, such as NTSE, Junior Olympiads and major milestones, including KVPY, Olympiads (National & International) with ease. Above all, early coaching will help in building student’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient), analytical skill and bestow them with a strong foundation.

If one chooses to go with engineering degrees, he/she comes across various options. From Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Chemical to Aerospace, Petroleum and Robotics engineering degrees – one can choose to go with any as per their interest.

Once the student has decided to go with any of the engineering degrees, the next step is to identify whether he/she is eligible for the same or not. Those who desire to be a part of any of the state's engineering colleges will require scoring a minimum of 50 per cent in their science subjects.While physics and mathematics are mandatory, scores from either chemistry, biology, biotech or other vocational subjects can be considered as the third optional subject. Though, this is just the eligibility criteria; students also need to appear for the JEE (MAIN) conducted by the CBSE and JEE (Advanced) conducted by the IITs and other entrance examinations of different colleges conducted across respective states.

Career Opportunities Post Engineering With the development of the economy and opening up of new companies and sectors, an engineering graduate has a myriad of options to start his career. Job prospects for graduates coming from engineering background are constantly widening and therefore, he/she can either choose the private, public or the government sector to work for.

If a person decides to take his/her career forward in the government sector, then he/she can appear for the ‘Indian Engineering Services’ examconducted by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) at the national level or can go for other departments at the state level through respective exams. Engineering graduates can also venture into other areas like Banking/Finance/Agriculture/Administrative Services etc.

On the other side of the coin is the private sector that has been constantly witnessing high growth these days. With growing privatization, private sector can expand further as most of the government controlled companies are likely to shift partially to the private sector.

If engineering graduates don’t find these options interesting, then they definitely have the third option open – higher studies. Many graduates either opt for management or go for advance courses to further specialize in respective careers. Most of the engineers even prefer to pursue Ph.D. in Engineering Management – which is a combination of scientific research, assessment and evaluation.

Therefore, if you are eager to find a stable and enriching career, it’s crucial to not only take into account the best paying engineering jobs available, but also the engineering fields with the best potential for development and employment opportunities. It is also imperative for an engineering aspirant to timely plan the mode of preparation and prepare systematically so as to clear all relevant Engineering Exams and join the right college of choice and have a successful career. Joining an organised JEE Training having a Pan India presence and excellent pool of full time faculty and having a legacy of getting the highest number of selections in JEE is advisable.

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