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'Education is a weapon no one can steal'

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Placing a premium on education, film director Som Vats tells Monarose Sheila Pereira that his days as a collegian were a dream come true. In addition to some canny advice and smart rules for success, Vats also reveals a naughty prank that he'd played...

Film Fare
I have worked as a director in three films - 'Panchayat', 'Bechare Biwi Ke Mare' and 'Kanchan Aaj Bhi Hai.'

Smart Subjects
I did my MBA (Marketing) from 2003-2005, through 'The Sinhgad Institute of Management (SIOM), Pune University. Some of the subjects that were taught were Business Administration, Human Behaviour, Organisation Behaviour, Marketing Management, Advertisement, Economics and Business Law.

Premier Day
The first day in college was memorable, as it signified the start of a new phase in my life. It was a rainy day and I was full of excitement. The SIOM campus was huge and very beautiful. It is like a dream college for any student. College was a second home to me and I miss my college days. I wish I could get another chance to live the same days again with the same old peers and professors. My classmates were highly talented and with great communication and oratory skills. We could discuss any topic and everyone sounded like an expert and authority on the subject!

Aha, Academics!
Our Professors were highly knowledgeable and friendly with all the students. They gave us plenty of assignments and topics for presentations. Studies were not like a regular classroom-lecture session. The lectures were more like interactive sessions where students speak and grow.

Circle Of Buddies  
I had a very good friend circle. We were like a mini-India with people from various parts of India like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chennai and Bihar. All of us were very studious and focussed. Today, all my friends are well-settled abroad and helm top positions in the corporate world. I lived in a hostel and my accommodation was within the campus. Our favorite eating, meeting, and socialising places were the college canteen and Umiya, a Gujarati restaurant that served some excellent food.

Scary Hostel Ghost?
A few engineering students in our hostel would play loud music that disturbed the Management students who studied at night. We played a prank that worked out wonderfully. Firstly, we spread rumours that the college was constructed on a graveyard! At midnight, we lit some candles on the boundaries of our hostel, threw some peepal leaves at the entrance of each hostel room and did a lot of drama to frighten the engineering students who then believed that a ghost did haunt our hostel! There was no disturbance from them thereafter.
Viva Education!
Doing my MBA has helped me to manage my time, work and life better.  A degree education is a must for everyone. Education is a big weapon that no one can steal and snatch from you. Education is required in any field, be it in a creative field or a regular 9-5 pm job; in India or abroad. What I have gained and become today is due to my education. Education boosts high levels of confidence in you. Today, I can stand and speak in any kind of forum, express my thoughts and share my opinion to the world, because of my strong educational background. When you study abroad, your exposure to a new culture and lifestyle will definitely dazzle you. I know people who have gone abroad for their studies. As a student in a foreign land, the first few days may cause you to feel home-sick and lonely; but rest assured after this initial phase you will transform into an independent and responsible individual. India is lagging in practical knowledge. If we improve practical knowledge, India will become one of the best countries in the world.

Money Matters  
Remuneration for a director can be in crores if your craft has all the ingredients needed by the entertainment industry. Good films are crossing the Rs.100 crore mark in business. Today, the entertainment industry is growing in leaps and bounds and therefore there is good scope for a career in this segment.

Ace Advice
To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours.  Father is the sky and mother is the earth, they are the real gods; please love, respect and worship them. Our parents care for us and give us the best. Love them, respect them and care for them. Time is extremely precious. Therefore, please do not waste a single minute. Assess yourself carefully and then decide your goals. During college days your body, mind and soul has the maximum power to achieve your goals and dreams. Please utilise this time efficiently and effectively. Everyone has his own meaning and definition of success. My parents and family are the world to me. Bringing a smile to their faces and making them proud of my work and films is a great achievement for me.

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