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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

“Education gives you knowledge and confidence,” says Mohd Asim Siddique, Fitness Manger and Branch Head, Mickey Mehta’s Gyms

I completed my BMS from Chetna Collage and followed it up with a course in Fitness from Gold Gym University. For BMS I studied Business Communication, Business Studies, Finance, Marketing, Public Relations. At Gold Gym I studied Anatomy kinesiology, Bio-Mechanic Special Population, Basic Nutrition. The architecture of Chetna College was like any other college. Gold Gym had all the latest equipment and was up to date with the information.

My professors and seniors have been my inspiration and building block of what I am and going to be in upcoming years. The lesson they taught me was ever fruitful and it was something I learned before and experienced later so I feel them as a blessing.BMS was like any other course.  But it was challenging to me in my higher classes because I began working while studying in college. So I had to balance my work life and studies which was very tough. My friends would help me a lot with the notes and incase I missed any lectures. Studying fitness was very interesting because the subjects were close to my heart and I took a great deal of interest in them. We had a fair amount of practical and theory classes and that is what made it even more interesting. Since I stay in Bandra and both my institutes were in Bandra though not very close to my house, I used to walk to both my institutes.

College life was diversified rushing, from work to college with heavy mind like all regular students trying to be on time for lectures. My friends were and are my comfort zone. It is kind of equation where we open up to each other getting noticed by one another being there for each other even at 3 am and I loved every moment that we spent together. We still keep in touch with each other though with our busy schedules we cannot meet as often as we would like to. Our favorite eating, meeting, and socialising places where ever me and my bunch of buddies got together were all the South Indian food stalls or sometimes Mogal Serai and McDonalds.

Pranks are a part of college life but they were all harmless. There is never ending list of them. Though I look the serious types I was very naughty. People closer to me and who really knew me would say that you could never find me calm. I was apparently one of the most playful college students.

I feel education is very important. I did my BMS because I feel a standard degree is important. In case my off-beat career in fitness did not do well I had something to rely on.  I feel education is very important.  Education directed me, showed the way and made me know or realise about myself that what I actually wanted to be in live. Fortunately my career in fitness is doing well. If you want to take up a specialized then it is very important to be educated and trained in that particular field. Education gives you knowledge and confidence.

Today fitness is an emerging field and there are many gyms opening up. Therefore there is a lot of scope for a career in fitness. Fortunately there are many fitness institutes imparting good knowledge today. It is very important to be trained in the theory and right technique too. A faulty technique can cause injury to your client. Therefore you have to know your theory and practical thoroughly. Besides training students I also manage the Mickey Mehta’s gym. My BMS degree is also helping me in my fitness line to be a good manager. Education does not go waste. It always comes handy. You just have to know how and when to use it.

My advice to students today is to find out what you want to do in life and be very clear about it. Do not choose a field just for the heck of it. Chose what you are passionate about. Once you have found out what you want to pursue then find out a good institute and get qualified in that particular field. Jitni badi padeutni badi naukri jitni badi naukri utni baeda power. Education goes a long way in your personal development. It gives you a strong foundation in what every career you chose to follow. I will also tell students not to worry about failure but to learn from it and move on and succeed in life. That is also education. In life the failures you through should not be have any kind of stigma attached to it. Remember you are writing your success and you have to work hard to make your education work for you and succeed in your career.

As told to Monarose Sheila Pereira

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