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'College life opens avenues and encourages exploration of life,'

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Says actor Amit Gaur who is seen in Channel V’s TV serial Swim Team

I studied for two years at Mithibai College and then went to Tyler International School of Aviation, Tyler, Texas. The aviation college had a regimented atmosphere with fantastic architecture. The professors were very discipline oriented and cared for the welfare of the students. I used to feel extremely enthusiastic and organized. The buildings were huge and we had a sprawling campus. The strength of the students was limited. Professors and teachers were very particular and gave all of us students, individual attention. I can never forget the time spent with them.

However the memories of Mithibai College will always remain with me because that was my first experience after school. The college at that time was totally different from what it is today. It was a two storied building at that time. The building has become bigger. They have expanded and attached more floors. Now it has got a great new infrastructure. It is a great college and was close to my home. The first day of college was fun. It was like the first taste of freedom. Hurray! There were no uniforms and we were all considered responsible young adults. When you are considered responsible, strangely you acquire a certain sense of responsibility and dignity. We explored the canteen and the rest of the college. I was just getting the feel of becoming a college student. Most students from the two of the nearest schools of Juhu went to either N.M. College or Mithibai College which are next to each other and share a common gate. I knew a lot of people from my area who were already there in these colleges. First two-three days went in sorting lectures and meeting old and new friends.

As Mithibai College is one of the finest colleges in Mumbai, its education level is great. The professors were very good and very understanding as they knew teenagers have come fresh from their schools. All the professors were approachable and they would always listen to what a student had to say. I found studies boring! I was more into bunking. We had cars at home but I was not allowed to take them to college. I travelled to college by bus but sometimes I had the privilege of taking an auto by using my pocket-money savings.

I was a national level volleyball player and I was given admission via the sports quota. I played in my college volleyball team. Though college days were fabulous and there was always some thing or the other happening in the college. It was fun and a great learning experience. We not only learnt from the excellent professors but also from the extra co-curricular activities of the college. Those activities, festivals and seminars have taught me a lot. I used to attend college shows and events at Bhaidas hall which is near the college. I also walked the ramp for one of those shows. It was fun and a proud moment for me to participate in those competitions and championships for our college. I soon became well known in the college.

The Mithibai college canteen has always been famous. Its layout is still the same with various posters stuck everywhere. The canteen was and is the biggest hangout spot. It is normal for every college. Every college’s favorite socialising place will be the canteen as it is the cheapest and nearest place. Besides, Mithibai College canteen was very well known and popular. Students of N.M. College also used to visit and it was a common area for both the colleges. We had afternoon parties and night club gatherings here. I was like any other typical college student partying away; after finally getting freedom from school. Most of our parties were in Bandra, Juhu and Andheri.

My friends circle was a mix of different personalities. Most of my friends were from Juhu area. Some of them were filmy kids, some ‘normal’ students from faraway places and some of them were my own school friends. Friends who just used to pass by college, would come and hang out with us. There were so many pranks like tripping someone on the stairs, giving electric shocks, collecting money in the name of some unknown welfare societies to collect money which helped pay our bills at the canteen and so on. Every day brought a new experience. Every day there was something new to life. That is the important thing about college life; we are not completely dependent on teachers and parents like in school life and we are also not completely independent like a grown adult. We learn from those experiences. Two years spent studying in Mithibai College was a remarkable experience for a lifetime. College life opens many avenues and encourages exploration of life. I believe that education is very important for everybody. I have always said and I am sure a lot of people will agree with me that education should be compulsory for everyone at least for a certain age (15 years), till 10th standard. All education, be it school or college helps in creating your beliefs and paves the way for your future. I love my college life very much and have many cherished memories.

As told to Monarose Sheila Pereira

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