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College Life is a Transforming Experience

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

“My career in the entertainment industry started in college,” says Sunny Arora, Founder of Marinating Films, an entertainment company

I did my B.A in 2003 from Khalsa College, North Campus, Delhi University. My college had  very modern architecture and it was well planned. We had great amenities like a big cricket ground, a basketball court and one of the best science labs. The ambience was extremely soothing. I used to be delighted each time I went to college. The large spacious classrooms were well ventilated. During winters we used to sit to have some ‘dhoop’ and drink tea which was an awesome experience. Luckily I was not ragged because the seniors were my friends. The college had a friendly and healthy environment.

The professors of the Arts and Culture Management courses were fond of me, as I was in the fashion team of Khalsa College, which won all the intercollege competitions. It was a competitive environment, yet very healthy. Teachers were like our cheer leaders. As long as we did not neglect our studies, they were always very supportive of our extra-curricular activities.

In my first year exam, I passed in only 2 subjects (English and Punjabi) and had similar results in the second year too. So in the third year I had to clear 8 exams to get the degree which was an impossible task. I did not want to quit my college and so I asked my friends to promise me to not study this year as well, so that we could continue being in college for one more year. However they did not agree and I had to really study hard. Finally when the results came, I cleared all my exams and my friends didn't.

In the first year I travelled to college in a Hero Honda Splendor, the second year in a Maruti 800 and the third Year in a Zen. My favorite eating, meeting, and socializing places were Tom Uncle Cafe opposite my college, the bhel puri joint outside Miranda House College and Billey Di Hatti at Kamala Nagar. It was great fun to hang out in these places with my friends. We were a group of four friends with whom I spent the happiest days of my life. The memories still make me feel nostalgic and warm inside. We played many pranks like printing fake medical certificates to get attendance and bribing officials.

College days were the best days of my life. I grew as a person. I got better clarity on life and what I want to do in life. My ambitions germinated in the right environment. I was quite active socially yet I managed to fare decently in my studies. College life is a life-changer. I believe that extra-curricular activities help you to develop a more rounded personality and not become just a book worm.

Education to me is like the sun is to the earth. It shaped me and has given the right direction to my life. School and college days form the basis of the individual that one is going to become in the future. I learnt in college that it is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.

I found the right kind of company who had the same drive of success I had. At times when I strayed away they corrected me. All my friends are doing well in their respective fields. I must say that I was lucky to have the correct peer circle who taught me to work hard and party harder. I was a happy go lucky kind of individual and enjoyed every day of my college life.

College life taught me how to get things done. I was a ‘lalloo’ before I joined college. I developed a style and personality in college with time and experience. I learnt to face life. College gives a lot of opportunity to evolve as a person. Confidence building also happens in college. One meets a variety of people and one wants to try out new things regularly.

Education broadens the horizons and gives clarity on perspectives. The roots of my career were founded in college. College life helped me in a big way. My career in the entertainment industry started in college, as I won ‘The Best Male Model’ title in Delhi University. After this achievement I was signed by a modeling agency for three years, and I started my career from there.

As told to Monarose Sheila Pereira

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