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Career opportunities for students in the Hotel Management Industry

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

By Purva Tawade, Principal, ITM IHM

Hotel Management is the cardinal part of the hotel industry; it has a wide employment opportunity. As globalization is synonymous with Internationalization, the people and Institutions throughout the world are interconnected and interdependent towards the growing stanza. Hotel management is truly gaining the tag of globalization where more and more countries are accepting the fact of getting into international space. Hotel industry is closely linked to the tourism industry as it has various divisions for students to explore opportunities. Hotel management can include Hotel & Restaurant management, Cruise ship, Hospitals, Tourism associations, Retail sector, Quick service Restaurants, Food halls at shopping malls.
Working with experienced chefs for food channels are the latest trends of the year. This trend not only deals with gaining opportunities by working with the renowned celebrity chefs but it also gives an array of practical experience for futuristic approach.

National economy and global economy are in some way or the other interconnected for the hotel management sector. Getting employed in the hotel industry requires a mark in terms of qualification and other requirements. The diversity of experience in the hotel management industry is way ahead than any other profession. The benefits of taking a Course in Hotel Management are extremely valuable. Students often receive a lot of on-the-job training so they are more qualified after they graduate. Also, there are multiple management classes available, allowing students to gain in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry. Many students find these classes to be exciting, enriching and rewarding.

Hotel management graduate can be offered a job in hotel industry in four core department i.e. Kitchen, restaurant, Housekeeping and at Reception other than these departments they also opt for sales department and training department. However hotel management graduates are preferred in retail sector, cruise line, Airlines, banking, automobile industry etc. If a HM graduate is not willing to do a job then they can even start their own business.   
For getting employed multiple job profiles in hotel management are taken into consideration depending upon the candidate’s education, work experience upon which the positions are offered. Hotels provide an option of getting hired directly after graduation is provided in terms of top level and middle level candidates. Soon after 10+ 2 education candidates approach for degree course in hotel management which are offered by various hotel management institutes. It is seen that students who peruse for hotel management courses typically look out for jobs in the hotel management industry. Diversifies approach is available for students like they can peruse to be working as hotel administrators, management for restaurant aspects to business to focus of careers towards tourism. The current state of hotel industry shows that India is being seen as a lucrative destination for hotel chains looking for growth. It is seen that India is 18th popular business travel destination and in next couple of years it would in top five a expert opinion shared by the council of World travel and tourism

Hotel chains like Hilton, Hyatt, Radisson and Marriott etc. offer attractive career option for hotel management graduates from top hotel management institutes. Hotel management graduates working in the USA hotels get minimum salary in the range of US$ 6000 to 7000. Many hotels in the USA provide high paying part-time jobs at various positions. With such opportunities in Abroad graduates gets wide scope for their career. It should be an Institutes belief to create budding professionals by giving training for their wide future.

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