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Body Building is about hard work

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Body Builder and Fitness Trainer Alkesh R Pathak talks to Monarose Sheila Pereira about his career

What do you like about your career?
I did my B.Com. Then I went into fitness and was fascinated with body building. I studied various related fields. As a body builder I like challenging myself. You are like an artist sculpting your body. Body Building is about hard work. You need to supplement your income, so I also work as a fitness coach at Paramount Healthcare Management Pvt Ltd. I have the opportunity to train people and make them achieve their goal and see them feel happy. Due to the nature of this profession there is a lot of positive energy in it and because of that I always feel motivated to keep myself and other people fit.

How has your education helped you?
Education plays a very important role in body building and as a fitness coach. This profession might look more practical from outside but the reality is you should have very good theoretical knowledge to deliver good practical performance. Ultimately I am dealing with someone’s body and health, here my education helps me to deal with it in a proper manner.

What is your job profile?
As a fitness coach I visit various corporate offices and train their employees as per their requirement. I design different and interesting plans for the employees which help them to stay fit and productive at work. I have to always motivate the clients to adhere to exercise routines and following up with them regarding the feedback and outcome they achieve.

What investment did you have to make?
Body building is all about investing in your own body. Being a body builder I had to learn, how exercises should be done in the correct way and how to have good knowledge of nutrition. As a fitness trainer I have to always keep investing in myself to upgrade in terms of knowledge. My first investment was GGU(Golds Gym University) personal trainer certification, then I went for ACSM (American College of Sports and Medicine) personal trainer course. I also acquired knowledge and certified myself in Power Yoga, Zumba fitness, Yoga, Aerobics, etc. I always keep investing in different courses to keep myself updated.

How much can one earn as fresher?
In India, initially as a body builder there is no profit because the winning price at lower level is so low that you cannot even cover the amount invested in your body. Even if you manage to make a profit it will be very less. Maybe after 10-12 years of bodybuilding when you become a known face you might earn well. It helps if you supplement your income by being a fitness trainer. As a trainer after certification one can initially earn 10K-15K per month apart from incentives. As you understand the business the income jumps to 20K-25K including incentives in just a few months. It all depends on your overall performance.

How many years does one take to become a professional?
Body building takes a couple of years and hard work to become a pro. However, as soon as you certify yourself in fitness officially you become professional; then you get to know how this profession actually works, and what you need apart from just technical knowledge.

How much one can earn as established professional?
In body building there is big prize money to be won. The income of an established trainer might be about 30K-60K. Some professionals earn more than that, and some of them earn in lakhs per month. Ultimately it all depends on your efforts and services. This profession has no limitation in earning if you work hard.

What are the advantages of your career?
As a body builder you have to keep yourself fit and aesthetically good. As a trainer - You get to meet very nice people and train them which builds good relationships and contacts. You are respected. If you maintain professionalism and dignity you have a great opportunity to grow because it is rapidly growing industry.

What are the difficulties in your field?
Body building is a very expensive sport; everyone cannot afford it. If you want to make it as your career you have to take the help of anabolic steroids due to pressure of competition. Also sometimes one competes with people who take steroids and it is unfair to those who do not take steroids. I have achieved my physique purely by diet and exercise. You have to constantly upgrade yourself; if you don’t maintain professionalism and don’t follow discipline then it is difficult to maintain your position as a body builder and as a fitness trainer.

What are your plans for future?
My plans for the future are to create something unique in the fitness industry which will be very helpful for people in terms of keeping themselves fit. I would also love to reach higher in position and become an entrepreneur.

What advice do you have for those who want to take up your profession?
My advice for those who want to take body building as a career is – initially do not expect profit out of this sport, it is a very expensive sport. If you are ready to spend a lot of money, then you are welcome. Many professionals use steroids which might be harmful for your body. For those who would like to choose fitness as a career, one has to be humble. If you love to serve people and if you are ready to work hard then you can choose this career.

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