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Blending Bollywood and Hollywood at Mithibai's Paparazzi

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
By Akshat Jain and Prushni Joshi

Bollywood would take the upper hand at Paparazzi’17 as the Bollywood Characters would lead fictional Hollywood armies at Mithibai’s Paparazzi’17: The Oracle’s Box Office. Mithibai college is organising the fifth edition of its media festival, Paparazzi’17: The Oracle’s Box Office.

Hosting media students from 20 colleges, the festival is going to be held today and tomorrow. According to this year’s theme, The Oracle has predicted that Mithibai college’s campus would be transformed into an island where the troops of different Bollywood Leaders would war against each other in 17 events for the treasure. All the 17 different events will incorporate different elements of mass media to give the student an experience of how the industry works.

Putting their film-making skills to action, the contingents will be working on the topic ‘You are always one decision away from changing your life’, in the event 'Perennial Dilemma'.

Debating upon various conspiracy theories from around the world (like the Illuminati conspiracy theory), contingents will go head to head against each other in the mock court event, ‘Order to Chaos’. The ones who present their case best would further get a case study to debate upon.

Paparazzi’17 announced itself open to other colleges in their first Contingent Leaders (CL) meet, that was conducted on September 23. Media students from across Mumbai were invited and the theme was revealed to them. In the second CL meet, the events had been revealed to the contingents.

The Paparazzi team, who has always been active on the social front, had initiated the ‘Pink Whale Challenge’ in order to curb the negative effects of the heinous ‘Blue Whale Challenge’. With the primary goal to spread happiness and curb depression, the students performed a street play at Juhu Beach and Carter Road on October 7. The street play highlighted the problems that the Blue Whale Challenge had spread and provided alternatives for the Blue Whale.

In order to spread happiness amongst the senior citizens, the students visited two old age homes, Assissi Bhavan in Goregaon and St. Anthony’s Home for the Aged in Bandra. The students danced and played a round of housie with the residents of the Old Age home.

“It’s the beautiful youngsters of Team Paparazzi that remind me of my early days. It feels good to indulge into this celebration spirit with these enthusiastic lot,” said one resident at Assissi Bhavan, reminiscing her youthful days.

They also carried out a social media campaign spread over a period of three weeks in which they provided ‘Pink Whale Challenges’ to the public. These challenges propagated the idea of loving oneself and spreading happiness. The war firstly began online on Paparazzi’s social media pages with Online PR activities. Weekly PR activities were uploaded on every Friday since August 25. These activities involved contingents in activities like designing, advertising, marketing and microblogging.

“Paparazzi creates the foundation for the students and motivates them to value team spirit and develop their skills in the area of their interests. Paparazzi’17 inspired from the previous editions have made progress and shall inspire many more to come,” says Dr. Rajpal Shripat Hande, Principal of Mithibai college.

Big names from the industry such as Rajit Kapoor, Zayed Khan, Abhishek Sengupta and many more will be present at the festival to judge the capabilities of the students. Five months of Paparazzi teams’ work will result in the festival that will take place today and tomorrow. The festival will be held at the Bhaidas Auditorium and Mithibai Campus.

About the fest: ‘Paparazzi’ is Mithibai College’s inter-collegiate Mass Media festival. Since its inception in 2013, it has become one of the most celebrated media festivals amongst colleges in Mumbai. With more than 30 colleges participating, the footfall keeps increasing each year. The festival will be held today and tomorrow.

The fest can be followed at:




Snapchat: paparazzi.bmm

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