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Alternative Recruitment Practices

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

By Dr Monika Sethi, Professor & HOD, School Of Commerce, Management & Research, ITM University.

A company is nothing without its employees. Thus, recruitment is the most important thing and one of the priorities a company works on. Market of job seekers are very large, so in order to find the best possible talent, recruiters need to try various new methods of recruitment to get the best fit for the organizations. Recruitment nowadays isn’t the same as it used to be. The question here is does the modern recruitment processes help in letting your consultants take you seriously. A good recruitment consultant is the bridge between you and your position. The relationship between a consultant and employers is as such that a consultant is in the position to create more career opportunities through effective communication between both of them, which helps in building the relationships with the employers. Job seekers nowadays are investing their time to build a better relationship, which is called the modernized way of recruitment processes.

Open ended job postings which share the important lessons that recruiters are here to hire people and not skills. As it is said ‘Skills can be taught not attitude’ so experience in a specific field can be gained. Open ended job postings in future can be a trend and remains to up worthy.

Video interviews are the second and utmost trendy and modern ways of recruitment. Gone are the days of getting a bunch of candidates to your office for recruitment. Video technologies save the time and money. Short listings nowadays are done on Skype, Google hangouts or through recruitment specific video softwares. Nowadays not only recruitments, but post graduate short listings are conducted through Skype interviews. Career fairs and networking events are a good way to have experience which is valuable, but along with valuable experience accompanies huge expenses and investment of time.
Online networking events gives access to wide range of candidates. Recruiters seem helpful as people who aren’t a good fit are easily detected.
Recruitment process for the match made in heaven is the ‘Social media recruitment’ process. Various networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are one of the great places to find potential employees. Students nowadays update their information on LinkedIn for seeking job opportunities as they are also aware that recruiters nowadays look at the LinkedIn accounts for seeking the right fit. Studies nowadays show that people who are recruited through social media get hired easily.

Big data recruitment is one of the ways that is making the lives’ of recruiters easier. Big data recruitment is all about filtering the resumes by various skills and qualifications. Here both the job seekers and the recruiters are benefited at maximum stand point. Instead of hiring hell lot of managers, using one specialised computer program helps to analyse thousands of applications.

India all in all is going digital; from education to the recruitment. Hirings are taking place through digital tools, which are helping the recruiters to portray their work in a better way. Online writing tests and Google hangouts are some few tools which help the recruiters in the overall hiring processes. Online methods give a wider reach as compared to traditional methods.

Of lately, completely new recruitment paths have been recently used by companies. Instead of job postings, employees are directly networking with the recruiters through their own private social network.

Technology has played a great role in transforming the world of recruitment. Technology shows a green sign and no signs of stopping the processes are seen. Tweets, jargons and interview questions are the recent ways to find a great fit. Whether it is traditional or modern recruitment processes, special skills have to be possessed by great recruiters.

Though India is becoming Technological and digital day by day, but it is necessary to keep in mind both the processes. The modern method of recruitment is lacking the personal touch as it is having lack of human contact. Recruiters sometimes face a limit in understanding over the job seeker as the questions asked in video interview have a limit and lesser opinions over the myriad of topics are asked apart from the whole job requirement.
Each and every company is using the non-traditional methods as they are facing competition with every other recruitment firm. But, small organizations are lacking behind in the competition because they are finding traditional methods easier as it is a comfortable method within their reach.

So, traditional ways are comforting and modern ways are the new trending methods of recruitment, which are working in favour of the recruitment consultations

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