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A superb reason to celebrate!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dear Ganapati Bappa,

I am a human being from humble Earth. Currently I have witnessed many of your representatives down here and thought I should have a dialogue with the real one. The latest technologies like SMS and Internet may create discrepancies due to network issues on high altitudes, but somebody told me that GOD has a postman named 'Naradmuni', so posting you a letter instead.

I wonder what your representative idols must be thinking, sitting idle in all the pandals! But I am really happy to see the enormous change in society that ensues following the arrival of these idols, even if they just sit idle all the time.

It becomes a reason for celebration for all of us, irrespective of caste, race, creed or religion. Ganeshotsav is more than a bank holiday today and is not merely a ritual initiated by the venerable Lokmanya Tilak to get people for the freedom struggle against the might of the British. It has become a full-fledged festival complete with ‘gulal’, loud speakers, myriads of idols, music, dance, DJ and what not. There is so much happening since the arrival and right to the departure of your folks – cooking of tasty food, relatives meeting at different addresses and a rich variety of cultural programmes.

We, the otherwise 'busy people' stand patiently for hours on end, just to get a glance of you before being jostled by the throngs waiting their turn. Generally we have a strong belief of GOD in our hearts, but ironically we run here and there to visit different pandals, just to secure your blessings.

You must be so happy, right? I think humans are emotionally attached to you in a big way making these days a great celebration time. I thank you and your folks for adding that zest in our otherwise mundane lives.

Rohit Shenoy
S K Somaiya College

P. S.: I thank you for reading this letter if it reaches you. I anticipate a reply from you soon. Till then, "GANAPATI BAPPA MORYA"


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