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A memory boost

Wednesday, August 07, 2013
By A Staff Reporter

DP Mahesha, Founder and director of Masterminds International, an organization that deals in mind management techniques, is usually a busy man, hopping from city to city and holding his workshops, where, for participants ranging from children to adults, he teaches how memory power can actually be boosted. Unfailingly, he is a hit with audiences, some of his feats taking on the aura of a trick. Yet, he says, we all have the capacity to remember much more than we think we do.

“People think I was born with gifts of memory and concentration. I learnt them the hard way and so many others can too. You need to strive to reach maximum potential. What never fails to astonish me is that we are born with this amazing gift which God has given to each one of us called the brain. But we hardly ever realize the full capacity of this tool. We only use a tiny fraction of its capabilities in our lifetime,” he says.

A pioneer in the field of creative memory and mind management, he is living proof of the effectiveness of his techniques; having been a rank holder and gold medal winner for several outstanding academic achievements. He is the proud recipient of Memory Wizard Award in the Memory Asiad competition, 2001 and can recall numbers, words, abstract image, binary codes, and has always been wowing people with his skills of recollection.

He uses a number of techniques that can help to increase concentration. Ambidexterity is one such tool; it balances both sides or hemispheres of the brain. “We usually talk about two different brains as opposed to two hemispheres - the earlier concept of one brain and two hemispheres has now changed, rather like two kidneys in the human system. The left side of our brain deals with logistical thinking. The right side is more creative, musical and artistic. The idea is that once you start balancing these two, you will be able to improve your concentration,” he says.

They are all basic techniques that anybody can master: speed-reading for instance.

“You can increase your speed from between 300 to 1,500 words a minute. It’s rather like learning to ride a bicycle; you never forget. What you’re doing is increasing your consciousness to a higher state.”

And anyone can learn ambidexterity. “I did a programme in Italy some time back about how we could teach a student to balance both his hemispheres through simple techniques like ambidexterity and mind mapping - a technique where you use images, colours and symbols. It’s a technique that was used by Leonardo Da Vinci and it’s very powerful. It’s a prescribed technique in many European universities.”

“If you have good concentration, your productivity increases. It has been scientifically proven that your memory will also improve because memory and concentration go hand in hand.  Whenever a student asks me how to increase his or her memory I tell them that their problem is not memory, but concentration. If they increase their concentration, their memory will follow,” he concludes.

Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, in association with Masterminds’ International will conduct the seminar on “How to boost your Memory power” for children and adults at Don Bosco High School, at Matunga. You can attend the Introductory Seminar for students and adults on this Saturday and Sunday at the School Primary Hall,
from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm. For Registration, contact Surekha Donde.
Log on to www.masterminds.com
or contact 8082040355/ 24150680/65007840.  
E-mail: [email protected]
For more information email D.P. Mahesha: [email protected]/09611130015

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