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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Urmi Bhatt, Third Year student of Nagindas Khandwala College pens her views on 'Converge', a  fest that has been an eye-opener of sorts, apart from being a platform of fun, games and frolic

As I see a lot of notifications on the class group (which almost everyone seldom accesses), I scroll back to see only a video, the famous ‘Mannequin Challenge’ done by my juniors to invite our class for 'Converge 2016'.

'Converge', is an event started four years back for the Third Year students. Organised by the juniors, it is a little step to see their seniors relaxing and winding up with games and frolic.

As I see the video, I forward it to my parents with that excitement of, ‘Look,look this is exclusively for us done by our juniors’, texting my alumnus it suddenly hit me, ‘This is it!’. I sit back thanking my coordinator for her guidance to them then in realisation and everything started to recap like a reel film.

For a student who had fought her way out for choosing a course, the first week of college is usually very exciting. Being introduced by a teacher who knew me previously as a student of great calibre was enough for my classmates to think I was a smart snob. Somewhere I proved them right and wrong by being that kid who always answered and also being goofy at the same time.

Days passed, as a teenager would, I tried to fit in. But being different at the same time, I was not interacting much with others until I was asked to or genuinely liked to talk to that person. Then came an event for which my classmates worked hard and I decided to be a spectator and analyse this event by myself rather apply the words I heard from all the corners. In the final week of preparation of the event I was chosen to host the event and seeing the work around me, so up close and personal, I felt why not?

By the next semester, I actively participated everywhere, but when the time came to turn my back towards my own classmates in order to reveal a truth somewhere it was not taken pleasantly. Where on one hand I felt a sense of relief for telling the true story, on the other I felt let down. But still on the other hand I found a lot, seeing my integrity and my way of work, I was surely accepted by the right kind of people even if it meant someone much older but wiser then all, my department co-ordinator.

Welcoming my juniors were no different, unknowingly or knowingly they did learn a lot from us, all the good and the bad. But who could explain to them... because somewhere down the line we were all sailing in the same boat.

In my nostalgic sense, I realised and was surprised to see myself transition in every sector, be it friends or my own self, I guess this happens to everyone but at a later stage. I was subjected to hate and loneliness and at times, it was the result of my own words. I was never shy enough to accept the facts but at times very broken to function.

The words, ‘Why me?’ stands in everyone’s life someday or sometime. Some being the fighters that we are, choose to walk away while some tend to keep that positive outlook and still try to face it. But in these three years everyone surely grew up. From talking about that one get away which is still is planning in progress to having those short trips to the Xerox centre in order to make up for those missed lectures.

As a person, you always think of the ways you would react to a certain situation will be very different. A bride will always think and say, “No, no, I will not cry, crying was so old – fashioned”...but then she too falls in love that old-fashioned way. Suddenly all the thoughts I had accumulated in these three years about this event went to one side and all I did was smile. No excitement as expected, but just a broad smile.

That smile said many things, the proud feeling as a senior of passing the roots which we got from our seniors successfully. Seeing the people you nurtured bringing out results. But more so, that smile was a reminder that we as a class have reached nearby to that end, an end of learning more about ourselves then about the syllabus. An end of a beautiful three years, but I guess a beginning to something more greater, the warmth of continued friendships, the archive of memories and the deep satisfaction of taking something back to this real world that we will step into a few months later.

With a broad smile and looking forward to the event I am sure all of us behind our screens would surely had said, ‘Keh diya hai dil se, 'Converge' firse’

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