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A development program for the teachers

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Gone are those days when students only relied on their teachers. Now-a-days it's more than just teachers and their lessons. But is it just about how tech-savvy the students are? Can't we upgrade the teachers too? As the saying goes 'Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students'. In an e-mail interaction with Afternoon D&C's Aishwarya Iyer, Gitika Kishanchandani, the Co-Founder of KA EduAssociates shares how the training and development program for the teachers is important...
What are the things done in this program?
KA Edu Associates is focused on providing quality face to face and online professional development modules for teachers. These are implementable modules that enable a teacher to focus on the 'how' of teaching as opposed to the 'what'. Our modules are deliverable across a variety of national and international curricula. We have over 20 academic facilitators who are extremely skilled and competent with several renowned visiting faculty members, who lead these modules.

What are the factors covered in this training and development program?
3 hour and 6 hour modules that are face to face and online, across national and international boards. Be it from differentiation and critical thinking to classroom design and communication skills. We provide end-to-end solutions for schools as well through our consultancy projects.

Did you get any reference for this idea or it is solemnly your concept?
Having been in the education space for 20 years now, my partner and I have started this company after observing 'gaps' in education from different perspectives - as co-founders of schools, to heading schools and being in the classroom as a teacher. This is our brainchild, our passion and our baby, the idea being to make a difference. Also been greatly inspired by what our children have experienced as students in national and international schools. School managements have expectations of teachers, but hand-holding them and guiding them to deliver to perfection and high standards of excellence is a time-consuming task and that is where the expertise of KA comes in!

Is this training only for private schools or even civic school teachers can get this provision?
We are working with a number of Municipal and Civic schools across the country and we believe that therein is where we truly can make a difference. Teachers in these schools have the passion and zeal to deliver, but need guidance and training. From classroom management strategies to assessment, they require mentoring, and through KA we are able to support them to enhance their existing skills. So besides all the work we do with private schools, we enjoy the challenge that is associated with schools where even basic communication skills need to be upgraded.

What is the procedure in this training? Do you guys approach schools directly or is there anything else?
Yes, we use a combination of approaches; either we approach schools directly with our modules but God has been kind and a lot of work has come our way by just word of mouth since KA is associated with quality, which is our USP. It is important for us to do a pre-assessment and a gap analysis and once we understand what the need of the institution is; we customise our training to bridge the existing gap. After the training, we hand-hold the teachers until they are confident of their skills to lead the processes in their own.

It has been how much time since this program has commenced? Is there any visible impacts?
Almost eight months since we started KA and we have made a tremendous mark already pan-India (presence across nation). The feedback has been incredible as promoters, heads of school and teachers have applauded our vision and the difference we have already made in approaches to pedagogy.

This organisation being a private body, have you guys thought of collaborating with the government - for wider support and better results?
Yes, we certainly hope to achieve this. Any collaboration with the government will only be beneficial as it will enable us to reach out to a wider audience in the educational space and create impacting change which is the need of the hour. We hope that governing bodies will see how relevant we are and can be in the present scenario and reflect on the need for education in India to keep pace with existing global standards. As educators we must embrace change and equip others to keep pace too. Redundant and obsolete practices must give way to newer and more progressive methodologies of teaching and learning.

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