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Wednesday, December 28, 2016
By Verus Ferreira

Rs. 599/-
 Voiceovers of a few actors.
Directed By: Chris Renaud

For their fifth fully-animated feature-film collaboration, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures bring on a comedy with a title that says it all. When you have director Chris Renaud (Despicable Me, Despicable) holding the mantle, you can be sure this would be something good and which kids would love.

Let’s get on with the story. Max is a dog who lives with his owner Katie in a Manhattan apartment. He has made friends with all of the other pets in the building, and even across the street. But trouble erupts when Katie brings home a huge dog Duke. Max and Duke do not get along, as Duke takes everything owned by Max, including a share of attention from Katie. The next day when Katie is off to work, both head out on the street. Duke tries to abandon Max only to be caught in a fight with stray cats. The cats remove both neck collars of the dogs, leaving them susceptible to Animal Control.

Picked up by Animal Control, Duke fears the worst at the pound.  They must be rescued soon. Snowball, a rabbit rescues them. The duo becomes friends with Snowball who is the leader of "The Flushed Pets" a gang of sewer-dwelling animals who hate humans because their owners abandoned and mistreated them. When Snowball learns that both are domesticated animals, he sends in a viper to bite them. But Max and Duke slip away and hop on a ferry ride to Brooklyn. Meanwhile Gidget a Pomeranian has a crush on Max and learns that he is lost. She launches a Hawk to search for Max. Snowball is also on Max’s trail.

Thus the story pulls on, with Gidget and Snowball, each trying to outdo the other, one saving the dogs, the other trying to kill them.

The film is bound to attract everyone, kids, parents, grandparents and maybe your pets too (with all their buddies maybe), who wants to be entertained. Enjoy about an hour of bonus features.

    — Verus Ferreira

Which dog does Katie bring home?

Who picks the dogs up?

Snowball is the leader of which group?

Names of winners will be announced in our Tuesday and Wednesday issues, on page 14. Winners can collect their prize DVDs from our office on furnishing proof of ID, within 15 days of the announcement.
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