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The Girl on the Train

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
By Verus Ferreira

The Girl on the Train
Rs. 599/-
 Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, Haley Bennett, Luke Evans
Directed by: Tate Taylor

Purely for a mature audience, this female-driven psychological thriller adapted from the 2015 novel by British author Paula Hawkins, relocates itself to a new destination from Hertfordshire in England to New York State.

Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) is a 32-year-old alcoholic who is also recovering from a severe break-down of her marriage to Tom (Justin Theroux). Rachel found Tom cheating on her with Anna (Rebecca Ferguson), an estate agent.  Her love for the bottle has got her fired from her job, and while she claims she has a job to her friend Cathy (Laura Prepon), she actually spends her days on a Metro North train running between Ardsley-on-Hudson and Grand Central Terminal and back, sitting in the same seat, staring at the rows of suburban houses at the side of the rail track.

She fantasies about some of the inhabitants of these beautiful houses, including amorous couple Scott and Megan Hipwell (Luke Evans and Haley Bennett), who have tendencies to publicly caress each other on their balcony, cavort in their garden. Rachel's train also passes her old house, where her ex-husband, Tom lives with his wife Anna and an infant daughter. Things take a change for the worse one day when Rachel suddenly witnesses Megan kissing another man. Soon after, Rachel learns that Megan has disappeared. The mystery deepens when Rachel decides to tell Scott about what she saw. In her drunken stupor she lies to Scott, telling him that she knows Megan from an art gallery.

Rachel transforms from a depressed voyeur to an amateur detective who's also the police’s prime suspect. This significant incident from the train window, threatens to change both her and the couple’s lives. It also affects Rachel, who is at the receiving end from Tom, who dislikes her frequent interaction with Anna.

The cinematography is brilliant, plenty of crisp, close-ups of Blunt's booze-bloated face and red nose. The dialogue is low at times, but shocks with every appearance of a train rattling the speakers.

Who did Rachel find cheating?

Who is the police’s prime suspect?

The film is an adaptation from which author?

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