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Reeta Gupta's reasons for living

Friday, October 05, 2018

Sometimes we have to go through an intense experience in order to awaken. Author Reeta Gupta, nearly two years ago was involved in an accident and stared possible death in the face when she was in a car near the Ahmednagar military cantonment. A military truck in front of her car suddenly reversed and shocked the occupants of the car – three children and two adults – and those in the front seat were thrown behind, as the truck continued moving. With a broken bonnet,  controls of the car failed and it was literally stuck to the truck which continued to move in a reverse direction for nearly a kilometre on the empty road. It was 11.30pm at night near the deserted cantonment area and there were no other vehicles along the straight line that the truck (with the car attached to it) moved. Says Reeta: “In the aftermath of the incident (in which, thankfully, there were no injuries) I felt vandalised. I realised that what I had to say could not wait any longer.” Hence her just-released book ‘Rescript your Life – Awaken the Voice Within You’ which talks of the importance of self-discovery. The core message of the book is that being unkind to oneself is a form of violence and it is the beginning of all others kinds of violence in our world. The book teaches the importance of shining the spotlight on oneself and of changing the way one speaks to and perceives oneself.  Says Reeta: “When one undermines oneself it creates a vacuum within the self. Into that vacuum anything can enter – depression, violence, hatred…until one becomes someone unrecognisable to oneself.” What this first-time author imparts in the book is the five-step journey it take from being an Am I Good Enough (AIGE) person to becoming The Chosen One (THECO) who’s meant to fulfil their unique purpose in life. Says the author who is also a content specialist: “We are very blessed to be born as who we are. We need to find the values which define us and to align those with our action.” Do check out the book, if you can!

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