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Corruption never gets outdated!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

More than a year ago, former IPS officer Y.P. Singh, now a lawyer of some repute, better known as the man who places one scam story after another before the public, completed his first film called Kya Yahi Sach Hai? It is based upon his book Carnage of Angels, depicting levels of corruption in the police force as well as the bureaucracy.

Needless to say, Mr Singh got very little help or co-operation during the filming, and certainly none from his former colleagues who have much to say (behind his back) about his style of working.

The film has not been released yet, but there is no conspiracy behind this. No promotion has been done either and the film-maker has taken his own time to edit and put the whole thing together. But it is now ready, and even before release here, he has one at least one award – in San Diego of all places.

Next month he is off to collect this award and here’s another interesting tid-bit about this maverick. He has never travelled abroad. Why does that merit comment? Largely because IPS officers are usually associated with large fortunes in terms of assets, that most of them claim have come to them through their wives or through their families. YP, poor chap, is not among this particular class of landed and moneyed gentry. Nor is he on the conference network, so he has never travelled abroad, neither on business or pleasure. That is now due to be rectified.

He will be travelling with his wife Abha, to whom we expressed a concern that perhaps the subject of the film will be out-dated if it is not released soon.

To this she robustly replied, “Corruption? Oh, that will never go out of style.”

In any case, the film is interesting, judging from the snatches we have seen. One scene in particular sticks in the mind – where senior police officials are actually at the feet of a deputy chief minister, kowtowing and cowering before him.

It happens, he says.

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