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OPD at hospitals affected

Thursday, January 04, 2018
By Steffy Thevar

The KEM Hospital in Parel witnessed half the number of OPDs as compared to its usual number. However, the number of operations remained unaffected

The city hospitals, especially the private hospital too were affected by 'Maharashtra Bandh'. The turnout of OPDs in the city yesterday was reduced to less than half as the agitation affected the transportation. As most of the patients who come to thee government hospitals are economically weak, local trains were the only option of transport. However yesterday, local trains failed them. Although thousands wanted to reach these hospitals which are mostly located in city area in Parel, these patients could not make it through.

King Edward Memorial hospital, dean and Director of Medical Education, Dr Avinash Supe said, “The total number of outdoor patient turnout today was about 3000 till 4 pm which is usually 7000-8000 on normal days. Although the number of operations remained unaffected. The staff for the second shift could not make it in time to the hospital as the transport was affected and we had a less turn out in other hospitals too.”

Ramesh Bharmal, Nair Hospitals Dean said, “Everyday, we get about 1000-1200 patients a day. However, today the turn out was only 396 till 3 pm and we had only 93 in-door patient cases till 3 pm. There were about 35 major surgeries and 145 minor surgeries. Seven C-section deliveries and four normal deliveries. In Sion hospital too, there is an average OPD of 3,000 patients a day. However, today there are only 900 patients.”

Dr Jayashree Modkar, a doctor from Nair hospital said, “The number of patients admitted to the hospital on Wednesday was only 64. The number of IPDs and surgery and OPD's hospital was also low. This was the similar situation is private hospitals too.”

The specially-abled were more troubled with the situation as they could escape or get down from trains. As the agitating protestors sat on the track, many trains were stranded before they could reached a platform. An ordinary traveler could get down the train. However, the specially-abled and the elderly had no choice, but to wait unless someone came to rescue them. Kids and infants too were stuck with nowhere else to go and no food to eat.

A 65-year-old, Yusuf Bhai, was on his way to St. George's Hospital when he got stranded in between Bhandup and Nahur. He had fractured his leg and had a rod in his leg which had to be removed. He had started his travel from Kalyan at around 8 am and was stuck for hours as he did not have a cell phone to contact anyone and unlike others, he could not get down the train due to his injury. “I have left my home since morning and due to no mobile phone, I could not contact my family. This rail roko has affected my schedule and I can have no food or attend nature's calls. I hope my family does not panic or get upset due to my absence.” Yusuf had left home early morning and due to protestors he could not reach the hospital. In this condition, Yusuf came till Nahur, but protestors in Kanjur Marg were agitating on the track. As a result, he got stuck in between Nahur and Bhandup. Like Yusuf Bhai, thousands of patients could not reach the hospital on Wednesday because of the protestors. In addition to the elderly patients, pregnant women and children also faced trouble.

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