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#Kiki Challenge takes on Railways

Wednesday, August 08, 2018
By Jagruti Verma

RPF threatens strict action against participants

After the #KikiChallenge video by an unidentified man came under the scanner of Railway Protection Force, Central Railway, another video has surfaced online, this time one with a viewership of a million people!

Shot at Virar station's Platform No 1, the video doesn't technically follow the viral challenge and even mocks it. However, with 56,000 hits on the YouTube video and several encouraging fan reactions on the page's Instagram profile, it is certainly a cause of concern for Railway Protection Force (RPF) as well as Government Railway Police (GRP) officials.

“We have seen the video and will be taking action against the makers,” said Anup Shukla, Senior Divisional Security Commissioner, RPF, Western Railway, adding that investigation has begun in the matter. He further said that even GRP is being involved in the case as the video can instigate others to participate in the viral challenge on the railway premises.

Adding to this, Purushottam Karad, Deputy Commissioner of Police, GRP, Western Railway, said that they are trying to ascertain the identity of the makers. No formal complaint has been registered as of now.

Uploaded by Funcho Entertainment on August 3, the video has garnered over a million views. The video started with the YouTuber getting off the train while asking the person inside to make a video of him doing the Kiki Challenge. He then dances on the platform and within a few seconds asks the other person to get down and return his phone. To this, the person inside mocks him for doing the challenge. The video continues to mock the participants of the challenge in different scenarios.

However, it cannot be ignored that people are commenting and tagging their friends over the clip, uploaded by the channel, on their Instagram feed.

This specific clip is of the part shot at Virar station. Tagging a friend, an Instagram user writes, “Will you do it?”. To this, the friend replies, “Pucca I will do it for u.” Further, they asked fans on Instagram Stories whether they would like a part 2 of the video and share the responses. One such response said, “Jbtk Railway Police aake ye na bole ki bs bhai abhi rulayega kya tbtk banao.” (Make these till you make the railway police cry.)

Another response said, “Bhai Local trains ka central line mein aake banao. Kalyan-Dombivali pe.. Duaa milegi.” (Make such videos on the Central Line.) This was shared by the account with a comment: Chaliye koshish karenge. (Okay, we will try.)

A major concern for the railway authorities is that people may copy these stunts, causing a menace on the railway premises. A week ago, a video of a man performing the Kiki Challenge at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus had cropped up online. Two days ago, the video under the radar of the CR RPF, which is now trying to ascertain the identity of the man dancing in the video.

The RPF is likely to take the help of the cyber police to find the details of the person who uploaded the video on YouTube. A case has been registered in the matter. “We are investigating the case,” said Sachin Bhalode, Senior Divisional Security Commissioner, RPF, CR, adding that the person will be booked under relevant sections of the railway act.

The extent of the challenge is such that it had prompted the Mumbai Police to caution people against it in a tweet, “We love your safety and can’t leave it to be decided by Kiki! #GetInToTheCar #kikiChallenge #InMySafetyFeelings.” “People need to understand that their actions have consequences and they need to stay away from doing such acts,” said Bhalode, adding that strict action will be taken against people who are caught doing this challenge around trains.

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